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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Victorian Dad

Victorian Dad
My sympathies to Karl Brown (19), ex head boy of Oakmead Technology College, who has fallen foul of the Victorian dad's running the college.

He was on an army course the other week, and was spotted kissing a 17 year old girl from another school.

Holy Gotham City Batman!

Key points:

- They were both over the age of consent

- They were kissing, not "at it like rabbits"

- They are teenagers, isn't that what teenagers do?

Anyhoo, his college does not believe that adults should kiss and as a result Mr Brown has been excluded from college and his "head boy" status revoked.

Mr Brown must now continue his studies at home, and is only allowed on school grounds for the fortnightly meetings with his tutor.

The girl's school has not created any hoo hah over the matter.

I am gobsmacked at this over reaction. There are far worse things that teenagers (who are much younger than these two adults) get up to.

What on earth is the problem here?

Given that Mr Brown is banned from kissing girls, he may find this magazine helpful:

Wank Mag

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  1. Good grief....I am truly amazed that such people still exist......This reads like something out of "Goodbye Mr Chips," "Tom Brown's school days" or "If"...The head "Boy" was nineteen....Ahhh, that's it....All part of Nanny's master plan...Treat adults like children!!!!

    Enjoy masterbation responsibly

    Search on-line for Handy Shandy.

  2. microdave12:19 PM

    It wasn't what they WERE doing, it's what it MIGHT have lead to - You know, in the same way that somebody carrying a plastic teaspoon in public, could suddenly violently attack another person with it...

    By the way, I've not seen that magazine in my local newsagent! And I'm not likely to now, since it closed down a couple of weeks ago....

  3. Had the young couple in question gone "all the way" and produced unintended offspring, Nanny would no doubr be right at hand to provide them with free housing, income support, tuition credits, parental counselling, baby care manuals, free day care . . .

  4. Grant2:23 AM

    It does seem a bit harsh but perhaps they mean to put the lad off the idea of becoming involved with the opposite species at all.

    In which case some might suggest they were really doing him a great favour, the modern person of the female persuasion seemingly being genetically entirely different from predecessors of a couple of generations ago.

    I blame Harriet Harwoman and her 'sisters'. Well, her and a few others. Quite a long list really - too long to bore you all with.

  5. Where can I buy that magazine?
    (It's actually for a friend of mine called Keith).

  6. Absolutely disgusting! Back in my day the oily little tick would have been given fifty strokes of the cricket bat and a good buggering behind the Pav'.

  7. Anonymous8:45 AM

    Reminds me of when I was at grammar school back in the 60s - a senior girl at my school was threatened with explusion after she was seen in Norwich city centre eating crisps whilst wearing school uniform.