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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Beer Builds Bones

Beer Song Adam Sandler & Weird Al - Watch more Funny Videos

Joyous news everybody!

Contrary to the advice that Nanny keeps dishing out that beer is bad for you, a study from researchers at the University of California has identified that beer is a rich source of dietary silicon a nutrient that reduces the chances of developing bone diseases such as osteoporosis.

In other words Beer Builds Bones!

Beers containing malted barley and hops having higher silicon content than beers made from wheat.

Mine's a pint!

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  1. This is good news Ken....I shall start building up my bones over the weekend;-)

    Enjoy bone building responsibly

    Search on line for "I may be pissed but I have good bones."

  2. I have often found that beer builds my boner.
    Much to Mrs Buckos annoyance.

  3. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells2:39 PM

    Bucko said...

    "I have often found that beer builds my boner. Much to Mrs Buckos annoyance"

    Surely it has the opposite effect.....much to Mrs Bucko's annoyance :-)

  4. Bucko2:48 PM

    You'd think ;-)

  5. Nothing better than washing down a dose of ibuprofen with several beers

  6. Anonymous3:11 AM

    Great video..

  7. Does beer have a lot of calcium? That's hard to believe since it's so acidic. Milk is more alkaline and it has a lot of calcium. Hmm. Whatever helps me give myself permission! Thanks Nanny.

    The Preferred Nannies