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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, February 26, 2010

A Nation of Paedophiles - Nanny's Cover Up

Nanny's anti adult drive has reached new heights, as gym users at Torridge Pool in Northam discovered recently to their cost.

The members of the club have been asked to shower in their trunks and costumes when schoolchildren are around.

The pool claims that "concerns were raised" by schools about naked adults showering. Hence the pool issued the "shower in trunks" edict, in order to "protect both children and adults".

"The schools felt uncomfortable that there were naked people in the showers when children were in the changing rooms.

We don't want false accusations against anyone. This is to protect the public as well as the children."

Nice world we have created where adults are afraid of false accusations from kids!

Small, but somewhat obvious point, if there is a fear of certain adults being "excited" by children etc shouldn't the children be the one's covered up when showering?

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  1. Tonk.4:40 PM

    The problem is Ken, when Nanny employs someone to do a silly job, such as Child Safeguarding Officer for example, they will always find something wrong, just to justify their position....It is the same with any inquiry or review....Something will always be found to be wrong because, people would think it was even more of a waste of both time and money if, after many months and millions of pounds, they said everything is fine, keep it as it is.

    Enjoy showering responsibly.

    Search online for swing low sweet chariot.

  2. Anonymous9:50 PM

    I remember reading about the Victorians as a child and thinking how bizarre their attitudes were.

    It seems there is indeed, nothing new under the sun.

  3. Anonymous6:48 AM

    Instead of insisting that would be nonces pay their £65 to pass the kiddie fiddler exam, I would have thought that the easiest way to spot a paedophile would be to put him in a shower naked, with a group of children and then wait for the reaction.

    Are these people serious about catching these perverts or not?

  4. Lord of Atlantis11:30 AM

    Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells said...
    "Nonces aren't all male. A local woman was caught inviting kids into her home then grooming them with drink and pot. Poetic justice as she made a habit of spreading malicious gossip claiming that anyone she didn't like or had a grudge against, was a paedophile.
    Of course in NuLabia's dystopia such tittle-tattle would go down on victims' files as gospel."

    But the problem is, DTW, that according to Nanny, all males are paedophiles, unless they can prove otherwise (i.e you are guilty unless you can conclusively prove your innocence) and ONLY males are paedophiles. Unfortunately, this nonsense isn't confined to nuLabour either: there have also been examples of this kind of thinking coming from local authorities run by the conservative party, 'the party of freedom'!

  5. Anonymous11:32 AM

    ‘I would have thought that the easiest way to spot a paedophile would be to put him in a shower naked, with a group of children and then wait for the reaction’.

    I happen to think that this is an excellent idea. At the first sign of a hard-on a council official, complete with high viability jacket, clip-board and safety glasses, could appear and whack the offender over the bell-end with a dessert spoon (assuming he has received the correct training to use one), before putting the pervert on the sex offenders register.

  6. Speaking as a retired forensic psychiatric nurse, I can confirm that with many paedophiles, the sexual activity is not the main turn on....For many of them, the turn on is the feelings of power and control, in fact, most sex crime is more about power and control rather than the sexual act. This is another reason why castration is often not the answer, as much of the turn on is inside their head rather than anything physical.

    I personally do not believe sexual deviancy can be cured and many of the "right on brigade" are doing society a dis-service to suggest otherwise....I had one patient long term who used to strangle young boys to the point they would cease to struggle and become unconscious and then he would masturbate over their bum cheeks....It was the "thrill" of holding the power of life and death over them that gave him his gratification....I did not believe then that we could "cure" him and I have seen nothing that has led me to change my mind.

    I think the national obsession with paediphiles, is just another way, like the terror threat, 'elf'n'safety, climate change and various thought crimes to control the population....If one ever questions any new idea about further steps and laws to root out paedophiles, the PC brigade instantly take the attitude that you either want to see children harmed or you must be a paedophile yourself....We need to put an end to the hysteria and adopt a more calm and reasoned response to the danger.....

  7. Anonymous7:41 PM

    Thank you Tonk for that balanced insight. Very refreshing.