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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Bullshitter of The Year

Congratulations to Michael Roberts, CEO of the Association of Train Operating Companies, for winning the 2011 "Bullshitter of The Year" Award only two days into 2011.

For why?

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  1. I honestly feel the current British model for private railways could be used as an international standard of how not to do it.

    Our own local rail operator has to pay one billion pounds to the state for the right to operate the service. Now I don't know what their margins are but, that is one hell of a figure to take out of your bottom line and still give a reasonable return to investors and find money to invest in rolling stock. No wonder fares are rising so fast.

    I am told that a season ticket from my local station to london is now over £5000, one would need a very good salary to be able to afford such a ticket out of ones net pay. Central London is 35 miles from me here.

    This is where Nanny is really daft; in the name of the new false religion of climate change and green, she wants people to use public transport but, the ordinary man is being priced out of the market.
    Nanny also reinstated the fuel duty onto bus operators, this means that bus fares had to rise sharply. It is now cheaper for a couple to take a taxi into town rather than go on the bus from where I live.

    There appears to be no joined up thinking regarding transport policy in this country, actually, there seems to be little joined up thinking in anything involving the state in this country, the only exception being, how to extract more and more money from us including, as is the case with fuel, tax applied to tax. (VAT on fuel duty.)

  2. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells7:18 PM

    A close second is the Condom Government's Chancellor, Nodderhead Osbourne, with the fatuous claim that VAT isn't a regressive tax, and the increase will (hoot with laughter) "increase opportunities and jobs". I wonder what he's smoking and whether I can have some? Of course if they hadn't caved in to Vodafone and let them off the 6bn tax they owe, this wouldn't have been necessary.