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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, January 14, 2011

The Dead Hand of Bureaucracy

Here is a little story highlighting Nanny's "bloody mindedness", that relates to the recently passed New Year's eve.

Newquay as many a teenager knows is "party central", and indeed the local economy is propped up by the surf and booze environment encouraged by the local council.

Anyhoo, come New year's eve people were expecting a wee drinky or two.

Not so fast me hearties!

Newquay's Central Square suffered from a lack lustre atmosphere, as a result of police telling the Central Inn not to not play music outside the premises.

Now, as we know from previous articles on this site, Nanny does not authorise bars, shops, garages etc to play music (even turning on the radio) unless they pay (Ker Farking Ching) a fee for a licence.

Anyhoo, bar managers were only told a few days before the piss up that they would have to get a temporary event licence to play music outside or lose their licence if music was heard.

Ker farking ching!

Needless to say, as I am sure the police were well aware, the bureaucracy involved required that they give notice considerably earlier than they did if the bar managers could have a chance to obtain the licence.

Nanny will use every trick in the book in order to ensure we don't enjoy ourselves.

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  1. Power and control; Nanny's mantra......Do as you're told or we'll have you!!

    We are seeing more and more examples everyday where the state uses heavy handed tactics and imagery to make people afraid and thus exercise control over them.

    Take one simple example that we see much of now.
    The armed forces are being more and more involved at public meetings and events, we had armed forces members bringing the cup out at the cup final, we saw them draw the balls for the ties on behalf of the FA, we are constantly told they're heros, they are given VIP tickets to many top events etc etc, now don't get me wrong I support the individual armed forces members but, I do not like the way our state are using them in the way China and North Korea do and the way the old USSR did.

    For me, if someone decides to go into the forces today, given our military commitments around the globe, they must be either very brave, daft or both but, it is their own career choice.
    We are seeing Nanny buttering up the forces, perhaps to gain their support in case there are riots in the future and we are now seeing Nanny promoting health and fitness onto the population; these are all tactics of oppressive, communist regimes......EUSSR anyone?

  2. Lord of Atlantis3:27 PM

    One might have thought that these killjoys would have cut the organisers a bit of slack on New Years Eve? Whatever happened to the spirit of Christmas? A pity these jobsworths aren't so meticulous when it comes to dealing with real criminals!
    Tonk: I hope you are wrong about this, I really do, but I fear you may well be right.

  3. Lord of Atlantis3:35 PM

    I forgot to add, Ken, that I am quite sure the police deliberately
    "forgot" to tell the Central Inn about this until it was too late for them to obtain the relevant licence. They probably did this, so they (the police themselves)ould have a nice quiet New Years Eve, and I shouldn't be surprised to learn that this included
    having a party of their own
    at the local police station!

  4. Tonk.7:11 PM

    My Lord;

    Up until recently, I always thought that British Troops would never go onto our streets to support an unpopular government against our country's population however, now I fear that we could see such an event and perhaps, given that we are just starting to see the drip drip formation of an EUSSR military force, we could see French troops on British streets quelling civil unrest.....It is a nightmare scenario and I guess many people would say I am paranoid but, I for one can see what could happen and the way the superstate that is the EUSSR, is starting to get a real foothold in our military and justice systems. Even our police are starting to wear European style stormtroopers uniforms. When I did my riot/C&R training with the prison service, we wore black overalls, helmets, gloves and carried shields and battons, we were told that the "uniform" was designed to both protect us and to intimedate the rioting prisoners, this uniform is almost identical to the standard issue police riot kit and therefore, logic suggests that this same kit would also intimedate the population.....Take it one step further, and it is easy to feel that the current police standard uniform; mostly black and hi-viz, is about making the public percieve either power or authority or perhaps, both.

    I do hope I am just being paranoid but, even if one is paranoid, it doesn't mean they're not after you;-)

  5. Lord of Atlantis2:47 PM

    Another worrying trend (at least I think it is) is the use of 'super injunctions' by the rich and famous and the powerful to gag the press. As Ian Hislop put it on the tv this week (I cannot recall his exact words) not only are you thus forbidden to report what so and so did, but you are also forbidden to report that he/she has taken out an injunction to prevent you reporting it! Correct me if I am wrong, but did we not fight World War 2 in order to defend our freedoms, including the press from censorship? This is the sort of thing that happened in Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia and still does in places like North Korea or Zimbabwe. It is not what one expects in a so-called democracy!