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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tech Problem?

Folks I am having trouble with YouTube today.

My pc shows that all the videos I have uploaded here have gone black.

Are you also seeing the same?



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  1. Nope. Installed a new flashblocker perhaps? If so you need to tell it YouTube's allowed. Other than that I'm ay a loss.

  2. Tonk.2:21 PM

    Hi Ken,

    I can confirm that the U Tube links are working fine on my system.....No problems.

    Perhaps Nanny has got to you for being so critical of her;-)

  3. Thanks folks..that's a relief.

    How do I find if I have a flashblocker on my pc..sorry being thick I know.

  4. Are you using Firefox? - I think you're not, but if so it's one of the "Add Ons" which you will find from the "Tools" menu. On Internet Exploder it's "Tools > Manage Add Ons". Also worth looking at the Security Settings in case something has changed there.

    You can check which version of Flash Player is installed here:

    This may be related, but for a few days I have found that every time I load this site, and ONLY this site, the Adobe Flash Plugin crashes. This will also affect anything playing in another window or tab.

    I did the usual Google search and two culprits emerged - Hardware acceleration, and compatibility issues between the browser and plugin. I have just done a complete re-install of my operating system, and newer versions are present, but I only get this problem here, not anywhere else!

  5. Thanks Microdave

    i am using windows 7, and the most up to date adobe flash.

    This problem only started today, I have not knowingly changed an security settings and cannot find "falshblocker" or related security issue on my pc to look at.

    Any help much appreciated



  6. Howard9:17 PM

    I subscribe to Eurosport Player and occasionally get a blank (video) screen. To clear it I have to clear/delete "cookies" from the tools menu. More often than not that solves the problem.
    If you are on Windows 7 you could also try installing another browser - say Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera. If nothing happens then it could be a video/media drivers failure, a decent repair shop should be able to help, shop around!

  7. If it's related to a flashblocker or other plug in then trying another browser as Howard suggests is an easy way to check. If things work normally in, say, Firefox but not in Internet Exploder then you know it's something specific to that one browser. In that case I'd make a list of all the plug ins that browser has, uninstall the lot, then reinstall one at a time checking after each one to see if the problem comes back. That would at least identify which one, or maybe even cure it since computers seem to be weird that way. Alternatively if it works in Firefox but not Internet Exploder then it's yet another reason to stop using IE altogether :-D If the problem happens in all browsers then I don't know what to suggest. Shotgun to the main board probably.

  8. Thanks for your help and support everyone.

    For reasons that are unclear to me, today everything works fine!

    Computers eh?