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Monday, January 17, 2011

Nanny Bans Night Games

My commiserations to the Scouts Association who recently suffered a defeat in a case, involving playing "Objects in the Dark", that they had brought before the House of Lords.

In 2001 Mark Barnes, then 13, had damaged his shoulder whilst playing "Objects in the Dark" at the 237th troop's hall in Castle Bromwich.

The game involved running around a pile of wooden blocks in the middle of a room then, when the lights were switched off leaving only a residual glow from emergency exits, rushing into the centre to pick up a block.

The scout left without holding a block would be out.

An MRI scan in 2007 showed that Mr Barnes had a "permanent impaction injury", which meant he would always suffer pain when the shoulder was under stress.

Although he was still able to play rugby, he was awarded £7,322 in January 2010.

The Scout Association disputed the award on the grounds that it was a damaging example of the "nanny state".

The Lords rejected the appeal. However, Lord Justice Jackson dissented and noted that it was not the function of the law "to eliminate every iota of risk or to stamp out socially desirable activities".

In order for children to mature into well rounded, responsible adults they need to be able to face/manage risk. Wrap kids in cotton wool and they will grow into immature, self centred timid adults.

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  1. Ken,

    It seems we have at least one judge in this country blessed with commonsense.

    I wonder what Nanny would make of my time in the scouts; British Bulldog, Knife throwing, Camp fires, Cooking on the open fire......I could imagine Nanny getting so wound up with all that risk behaviour, she would explode!!

    I wonder how easily the Scouts find it to recruit adult leaders these days with all the "Child Safeguarding(sic)" rules we now have.

  2. Lord of atlantis zzzzzzzzzzzz2:11 PM

    Well put, Ken! And it's a great pity that there are not more judges with the intelligence of Lord Justice Jackson! If the
    "victim" was capable of still playing Rugby, I cannot believe he was badly injured
    Tonk: I don't know whether there is any truth in this, but I have read somewhere that organisations, such as the Scouts, are finding it extremely difficult to recruit new leaders for a number of reasons, including the fact that potential volunteers are afraid to do so, for fear of being labelled paedaphiles. Thank you, Nanny!
    As for the activities you describe, I too participated in such when I was a scout (happy days!) and cannot recall sustaining any injuries as a consequence. If Nanny has her way, all we will be allowed to do is sit on chairs and look at one another (no talking, you might say something which someone will find offensive!) whilst slowly vegetating!

  3. Mjolinir7:04 PM

    @LofA - //all we will be allowed to do is sit on chairs//

    BUT only after suitable 'Principles of Moving and Handling" training - there are well recognised risks in sitting down, standing up &c