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Friday, January 07, 2011

No Snowballs

As the winter snow is washed away by a torrent of rain, spare a thought for Dean Smith who had been recently frolicking in the snow with his family after a Christmas shopping trip.

Rather foolishly he decided to lob a snowball at a passing female police officer.

Can you guess what happened three days later children?

Yes, that's right, the police arrived at Mr Smith's house and arrested him. He was handcuffed and taken off to the local nick to be charged with common assault.

He has appeared before magistrates in Derby and now has to wait, possibly until 12 January, to see if the case will proceed.

I accept that lobbing snowballs at the police is a silly thing to do. However, if a sound telling off is administered, and the snowballer apologises, are there not more pressing things that the police could be attending arresting men with eccentric hair, releasing their names to the press (the result being that the shouty media have tried him and found him guilty) and banning ITV from attending news conferences?

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  1. microdave11:48 AM

    And why did the female police officer not speak to him at the time? Was she afraid?

    How pathetic - as the video shows the sensible response would have been to throw one back, or just have a "friendly word"....

    Obviously one of the new generation, full of PC (sic) bullshit!

  2. Lord of Atlantis12:24 PM

    What is the matter with these people? Are they really so gormeless that they cannot differentiate between a bit of harmless fun and a criminal act? If that is truly the case, then I question whether they ought to be in such a responsible position as police officer in the first place? Or is one of the requirements of the job to have had a sense of humour bypass? Surely, there are real crimes they should be investigating instead of pursuing this nonsense? If the officer really objected to what had happened, why did the police not simply have a quiet word with Mr Smith and leave matters at that? I do not believe it was necessary to handcuff Mr Smith either: perhaps they were simply showing their power? I sincerely hope that the magistrates throw the case out of court and give a good roasting to whoever authorised proceeding with this case. I rather fear that they will side with the police as both law enforcement officials and the judiciary (including magistrates) seem to be totally ou of touch with the public whom they purport to serve!

  3. Yes, a silly thing to do in todays silly world however, from Plod's point of view, its more DNA and finger prints on the database, likely a fine paid; Kerching and a cleared up crime for the figures.

    I wish him luck and hope he doesn't do anything so daft in the future.

  4. William5:32 PM

    Am I watching a different video?
    The lady in yellow definitely throws a few snowballs back at the chap in black. They all seem to be having great fun.

    Not only that how did the police figure out what the chap in black was called and where he lived?

    As ever all is not what it appears to be with this story.

  5. Mjolinir11:32 PM

    At least Mr S has not (yet?) been charged with child abuse for throwing things 'at' his children?

  6. William as per the title of the video, hoodies vs policewoman, it is not of Mr Smith.

  7. David J Hilton12:20 PM

    News just in Ken.

    He's been convicted and given a two week curfew order!

    That's right - a CURFEW ORDER for something so fucking petty.

    He should ought to appeal.