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Monday, January 10, 2011

Fire Hazard

My sympathies to the elderly residents of Rockingham Close in Birdwell, a sheltered housing association run by Guinness Northern Counties.

The residents had rather a lack lustre Christmas party in the communal area this year, because the health and safety gestapo ordered them to take down their decorations.

For why?

Seemingly they were not fire resistant.

Rather odd really, because in previous years the residents were allowed to put up decorations.

Guinness Northern Counties contend that the advice that was "meant to be given" was that the decorations could stay up during the party, but had to be removed after.

Ah, how odd that this only comes to light after the media pick the story up!

Those of you with relatively agile brains may have spotted that an alternative, and simple, solution would have been for Guinness Northern Counties to buy some fire retardant decorations.

Too obvious though?

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  1. Another example of sad little people that percieve they have a bit of power, using it to bully a soft target group.

    Some people are only happy when they're miserable and they've made everyone else miserable!!

  2. Lord of Atlantis1:19 PM

    Quite agree, Tonk! I wonder whether these jobsworths would have been so callous and lacking in the spirit of Christmas if the party had been organised by the local Rugby club? Would they have had the timerity to have told them to take down the decorations? I think not! The way Nanny and her minions treat the elderly in this country is appalling. In their statement, Guiness Northern Counties claimed they attached great importance to the ability of their reseidents to enjoy festive get-togethers. A funny way of showing it! I suspect the statement was hurriedly put together only because of the adverse publicity their actions had attracted!