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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bin Brother - The Amok Time

I see that some of Nanny's insubordinate and disobedient councils are ignoring Uncle Eric Pickles's recent request to resume weekly waste collection, and are instead implementing plans to ration bin bag collections to around 50-100 sacks per household per year.

It seems that around 180 or our "respected" local councils are looking into this plan, already being enforced in Broxbourne.

In Broxbourne families get one bag a week for general waste, a bag a fortnight for plastic bottles, a box for recycling and a green wheelie bin every two weeks for food and green waste.

A load of bollocks, as we know from undercover reporting by Panorama, a large number of this "recycled" waste simply ends up in landfills in India (someone somewhere is making a nice living out of this scam perpetrated on the voters by our lousy local councils).

Plans are being put in place in Wokingham to allow families with five members 100 rubbish bags a year!

The excess rubbish not collected will simply pile up on the street and attract vermin.

Council are ignoring the wishes of both the local electorate and central government, they are in effect running amok!

Councils should be spurned in the same manner as one would spurn a rabid dog.

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1 comment:

  1. First, I must declare an interest;p I am, for my sins, a resident of Wokingham. Wokingham is a very affluent town in the Royal County of Berkshire and when surveys are conducted regarding the best place to live in the UK, Wokingham always comes in the top three.
    We have pretty much always had a Conservative council except when we had a Liberal council for a very short time and they messed up the budget and cost us all dear.
    It has been suggested on the Stp Common Purpose website that our Conservative controlled council use Common Purpose for training courses and this hints at the real problem; one can vote out the councillors but, the people that really run the show, you know the "officers"(sic) still remain in place so nothing really changes. The councillors become the whipping boys and take all the flack, but the left wing officers that local government attracts remain in place, they tell the councillors what the law says they must provide and the councillors are, in effect, forced to rubber stamp it......This is exactly the same way the EUSSR works; the unelected commission making the decisions, the MEPs rubber stamping them and getting the flack.

    In Wokingham, we have garden waste sacks which are collected every two weeks and returned to us empty, under the new rules, these bags will be banned, we will need to purchase an ugly wheelie bin for sixty pounds and the council will collect and empty this every two weeks. The contents of the green waste counts towards the total when the council calculates the level of recycling that happens in the town. If people don't want to spend another sixty pounds on top of their already very high ripp off tax (council tax) they are likely to burn or compost the green waste. This will reduce the level of recycling and I suspect, the council will then introduce a more draconian regime to "encourage" more recycling.

    I hate the council. They forget they are supposed to be serving us, not managing and punishing us.

    Ah that's better; rant over:-)