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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Horsing Around

My thanks to a loyal reader who recently pointed me in the direction of a daft piece of Nanny nonsense concerning horses, Hi-Vis jackets worn by the horse rider and the words "POLITE" of "PLEASE" emblazoned across the Hi-Vis apparel.

Concerned about the number of accidents on the roads involving horses and cars etc, the British Horse Society has encouraged people to wear Hi-Vis jackets with the words "POLITE" or "PLEASE" to encourage drivers to give them some consideration etc.

Unfortunately some of the designs worn also includes a reflective blue and silver border.

Step forward the Association of Chief Police Officers, which has written to the British Horse Society warning them that the design too closely resembles the design of clothing worn by mounted policemen.

Assistant chief constable Ron Hanson, the association’s head of mounted policing, is quoted by the Mail:
"Anyone possessing these products is at risk of breaking the law, namely section 90 of the Police Act 1996.

Over recent months a number of examples of high visibility equine apparel have been brought to my attention. 

These articles have caused concern to the police on the grounds individuals wearing them are likely to be mistaken for a police officer."
I can see his point. However, unless the non police riders deliberately attempt to pass themselves off as police officers, is this not a case of an over reaction?

On the other hand, the wording and chequered borders seem somewhat unnecessary; how hard is it not to see a horse and rider in Hi-Vis?

I suspect that where accidents occur, this is either down to lousy driving or lousy horsemanship. The addition of the words "PLEASE" or "POLITE" will not make the slightest difference to such lousy driving/horsemanship.

There is of course a greater irony here, the original design was approved of by Met police commander Bob Broadhurst, the ACPO spokesman on mounted policing (my thanks to a loyal reader for pointing this out).

He is quoted by the Evening Standard as saying that the law would not be breached “provided there is no deliberate attempt to impersonate police” and added that even if the public were mistaken, the sight of people in high-visibility clothing would offer “reassurance”.

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  1. Archroy11:57 AM

    Ron Hanson or Bob Broadhurst? there's only one way to sort this out............


  2. Tonk.5:06 PM

    I love the song "White Horses." I had it on single by an artist called Jackie....It was on Decca Records.

    We are the state, do as you're told or we'll have you....Only we can wear Hi-Viz; it is our new symbol of authority, replacing the peaked cap because, you all started to laugh at it when That's Life called it the Jobsworth Cap.

    I live in a rural area and we see many horse riders about, including many in Nanny's favourite fetish wear; Hi-Viz. I suppose that living in a rural area, one expects to see horse riders and over rural hazzards about. I remember many years ago, seeing a driver slow down to pass a horse...As he passed, the rider smiled, put her hand up to say thanks....The daft driver then gave her the thumbs up and tooted his horn twice, the horse then reared up and came down on the driver's bonnet.....Some people haven't got a clue!

  3. Anonymous10:01 AM

    Funny how 'motorway maintenance' vehicles are coloured in exactly the same way as police vehicles yet nothing is said about them by the police - haven't you noticed how cars slow down when passing one just in case? - these vehicles are a real bloody nuisance and never seem to do any maintenance at all!!!!

  4. Anonymous10:07 AM


    this one?

    1. Tonk.5:30 PM

      Many thanks; that's the one!