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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Nappy Matters

I see that some brand of nappies currently being advertised on TV now claims to have a "wet/dry" indicator.

It's purpose?

To "teach" the child the difference between wet and dry!


If the child is so dimwitted as to not to be able to tell the difference in physical sensation between wet and dry, how the fark will he/she be able to grasp the meaning of a "wet/dry" indicator?

It is no wonder that we are breeding a nation of slack jawed dimwits.

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  1. It is all part of the growing industry known as "Baby Business." New parents are bombarded with ads for all kinds of baby bling: there are even websites that sell just so called "baby equipment." The 4x4 pushchair with wide wheels and nudge bars, the colour cordinated kit bag.....When I used to leave home with the kid, I needed nothing more than the kid and the pram....Today, the sheep that have bought into the marketing of baby business, almost need a team of sherpas to carry the kit needed for the smallest member of the family......The world has gone mad!

    One last thing why the Baby Business Brigade get on my wick....They encourage parents to keep their kids in nappies until they're of school age whereas, with terry towelling nappies, because a parent had to put in some effort to wash and clean those nappies, the kid was often clean before it's first birthday.
    Parents put these plastic poo pants down the toilet which causes blockages when they swell up. I am surprised the priests of the new false religion of climate change haven't tried to ban these new nappies because they're not exactly green are they?

  2. I assume the indicators are there because otherwise the young'uns don't have any other way of knowing otherwise. Modern nappies don't let them feel the wet - something, I suspect, that may be contributing to all the kids who are still not toilet-trained when they get to school.

    Poor bairns. :(

    I'm not a mother, but when/if I become one, I hope to find a way or a product that will help the kids learn but won't blow up my washing machine or my bank balance!

  3. I ''think' these nappies are for new-borns whose mums haven't really worked out the 'cause-and-effect correlation between the ins and outs?

  4. Anonymous1:20 PM

    Ha, found it. You think a wet indicator on the nappy is bad. Wait until you see that there's an "App for that!" (along with corresponding moisture sensor).


    1. FFS!

      In my day when making Great hall speeches on Hogimass Quarter days, a simple indicator of wet trousers would be the hoots of derision from the Lower Fourth Classics Side; followed by a sound beating from Mr Nobby Cockoff Head of Latin and Philosophy.

      People have it far too easy these days!