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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Health and Safety Costs Lives

As loyal readers know, when writing about "health and safety" zealots I often do so with my tongue firmly placed in my cheek.

However, sometimes it is not appropriate to take this approach when people's lives have actually been lost. I refer you to the tragedy of the death of Michael Thornton who died in a water filled ditch.

As per the Telegraph when coroner Michael Rose voiced his dismay at paramedics who refused to rescue a dying man from a water-filled ditch:
I will not say what I think of health and safety.

I was brought up in a country where men risked their own lives to save others. That was a period in our history which has almost ceased.”
The paramedics say that after carrying out “a risk assessment”, they decided against entering the water to treat Thornton, who was pulled free of the capsized car by his two friends and dragged on to the top of the vehicle, where they tried to resuscitate him.

When a police officer arrived on the scene, he didn’t hesitate in wading into the 10ft-wide ditch and carried the dying man to dry land. But it was too late.
The coroner praised the Pc’s actions, but did not say if the victim could have been saved if the paramedics had gone into the water.

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  1. It really takes a "special" kind of person to just stand by and watch a fellow human being die.

    Fair play and well done to the Police Officer.

  2. Anonymous1:53 PM

    the present government ,m like that previously, is declining to undertake a 'comprehensive risk assessment' on the outcome of their social security changes over the last three years - disabled people are dying as a result and nothing is changing in policy terms to avert this unnecessary slaughter (social cleansing)

    It works both ways!!

  3. Lord of Atlantis12:04 PM

    Tonk: I can think of several words to describe such "special persons" but I'd better not use them, as they are not very polite!