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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Level Three Heatwave Shock

As Britain enjoys the longest heatwave since 1384, I am gemused to see that Nanny is considering a level three alert whereby safety reviews will have to be conducted at all public events etc etc.

Labour have in fact gone one further, and suggested that workers be sent home if it is too hot.


How would these people cope in genuinely hot countries, where the temperature is in the mid thirties or higher?

When I was a lad, enduring double Latin on a Friday afternoon in the height of Summer, the only concessions made to the temperature were a relaxation of the dress code (namely we could take our jackets off, but most certainly not remove our ties!) and the class taken outside to the grounds where we would construe De Bello Gallico and get skin cancer.

Fast forward to adulthood, and this summer I have addressed the "heat" issue by sitting in the mid day sun, going to the gym in the early evening then sitting in a sauna/steam room; after which downing four cans of Red Stripe and a chilled vodka.

Works like a charm!

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  1. It is indeed sad Ken; we have become a nation of helpless children who need protecting from the world by Nanny.

    I don't think its been that bad: I can remember long hot summers and indeed, cold winters. In the past, we just got on with it.

    I heard that Labour wants to send people home if it gets a tad warm however, surely people can make up their own minds.
    I heard yesterday, some plank calling for a hose pipe ban....FFS! We've had one of the wettest periods on record and ONLY a couple of weeks of summer sun. Talk about....Danger danger as an over reaction.

    I am sure Nanny just wants to remind people she is still there, just like a good dog, keeping guard over the poor, child like muppets that she believes inhabit our nation..

    Message to Nanny....

    PISS OFF and leave us alone....I haven't survived as many decades as I have without knowing how to act in "extreme weather"(sic) let alone how to drink water and keep in the shade when I need to oh, and by the way, Nanny, I have also found that by putting one foot in front of the other and repeating it, I can actually walk on the beach and I have even learned how to wipe my own backside!

    It is said that dinosaurs were wiped out by a huge dust cloud created by a large collision with an astroid many millions of years ago......Mankind will be wiped out by being over nannied and thus made unable to look after themselves.

    Btw Ken, You must have went to a soft school; I was never allowed to remove my blazer, no matter what the weather.

    1. I never did remove my jacket Tonk, in fact I wore a waistcoat as well;)

    2. Tonk.4:50 PM

      So Ken, are you saying you were well hard, but in a soft school? :-)

      I could never see why the school I attended, would not allow pupils to remove blazers/ties during summer exams. It was an education event that decided ones future, not a bloody SAS selection process.

      The main hall was always red hot and air free and had that awful aroma of sweat, dust and rubber that all schools at that time smelt off.
      My eldest grandchild took her exams last year, she could wear what she wanted, take in liquids and a snack and a calculator....Eeee, kids today don't know they're born:-)

  2. This descending into a Monty Python Yorkshiremens' sketch.

    I ad to wear fur cap wen I took Russian O-level. And ad to wear fur coat as well wen I took t'A-level t'next year. Never liked Summer since then. Cats champion, tho.

    1. Tonk.6:00 AM

      You were lucky.....We used to dream of having a fur cap:-)

  3. Toy Trumpet9:54 AM

    Someone came on Today on Radio 4 this morning to share the important advice needed for coping with the LEVEL 3 HEAT DISASTER.

    Can you guess what the advice was?

    Try and stay somewhere cool and shady. And drink plenty.

    Thank god they were there. I may have died.

  4. Howard11:13 AM

    Amusingly the "Unions" want schools closed when it gets above, what, 27c (even in Lancashire 27 isn't uncommon). So the kids can avoid school when it snows, and when it's a tad warm. Presumably we need to keep them away if it rains too.

  5. Anonymous10:20 PM

    At my school we were very occasionally allowed to remove our ties but only if at least one boy in the school had already passed out. Even then it didn't always apply to older forms than the passed-out boy. It rather depended how badly said boy injured himself when keeling over at his desk.