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Monday, July 01, 2013

The Joy of Window Cleaning

I am a tad confused about a recent health and safety fine issued by Nanny, in relation to a remarkably daft and dangerous piece of window cleaning.

Loch Fyne, a restaurant and hotel firm has been fined £15,000 after a window cleaner was filmed balancing precariously on a ledge outside one of its buildings.
Loch Fyne admitted one breach of health and safety law and was also ordered to pay costs of £3,023.
Self-employed window cleaner Wayne Mallon was also fined £2,000.

The BBC reports that Mallon was seen climbing along the ledges of the third floor of the Milsoms Hotel building (owned by Loch Fyne) in Bath without ladders or safety equipment.

Mallon, of Whiteway, Bath, who works for Terry Mallon and Sons Cleaning Services, pleaded guilty to three health and safety charges at Bath Magistrates' Court.

Mallon was filmed dicing with death at the hotel last September, and the footage came to the attention of the health and safety team at Bath and North East Somerset Council (Banes) which brought charges against Mallon and Loch Fyne.

Now I can understand that Mallon's firm should have been prosecuted for endangering him, and that Mallon should have been prosecuted for being an idiot; but I do not understand why the hotel was prosecuted, given that the hotel had hired a professional firm which was being paid to do a professional job.

After all, if people are made to be responsible for the actions/stupidity of a third party "professional" then there is no point at all in ever hiring a professional and paying fees to the professional as one may as well do the job (botched as it may be) oneself!

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  1. ...but George Formby was not arrested for being a peeping tom. The fact that he is long dead, and that the alleged offences were committed some seventy years ago should not stop Nanny.

  2. Tonk.7:11 PM

    When the criminal justice system becomes little more than an extension to the inland revenue for the purpose of raising cash for Nanny, the criminal justice system is brought into disrepute.