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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Why Are So Many MPs Morons?

Why are MPs allowed to pass legislation on issues that they clearly do not understand or know anything about?

Step forward Claire Perry MP, as per BuzzFeed:
"The person most responsible for the British internet porn ban seems to have a difficult time constructing sentences about the internet."
Oh, and on the subject of morons, I give you Rhoda Grant MSP who wondered aloud:
If there’s a watershed on the TV then why isn’t there one for the internet?

How is it these people are allowed out into the community without adult supervision?

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1 comment:

  1. I believe a variation on an old saying about teachers may be modernised to cover politicians....

    Those who can do, those who can't become politicians.

    I have always found it odd to say the least that politicians can legislate on anything even though, judging by some of their speaches in the House of Commons, they know nothing about it......I often posed a question during the last Labour government which went as follows....

    If I was setting up a new country, who what type of person would I choose to be my Home Secretary?....A former police officer?....A former military officer?....A former prison governor?......No, I would pick a bloody Home Economics teacher or a postman....ffs!

    I feel we have too many career politicians who have no experience in life, who's egos are far larger than their abilities......From school, to university; from university to think tank or political researcher role....then dropped into a constituency as a reward for services rendered.

    I feel the party leader has too much say over who gets a top job; because these are professional politicians who need to get up the greasy pole, they blindly support their party leader, hoping to get the promotion......This, in my opinion, is what has happened in my former party under Mr Cameron; too many people selling their souls and abandoning their principles and Conservative ideology just to keep on the good side of our progressive Marxist leader....I think it stinks and shows why so many of us have left the party.....When Cameron loses the next election, let's hope we get a real Conservative to lead a real Conservative Party with Conservative policies.

    Ohhh, I feel better now having got that rant off my chest:-)