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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Nanny Loves Sweets

Now here's a very odd thing indeed, yesterday I wrote about Nanny banning chocolate on a school trip and conducting a quasi "drug" search of a room to look for chocolate bars etc, yet I also see that Anna Soubry (Nanny's public health minister) said in an interview with trade magazine The Grocer that there is nothing wrong with sweets:
It’s up to us as individuals to lead healthy lives. 
There’s a responsibility that the supermarkets have, but it’s important for us to take the industry with us, rather than impose things on them.
Ms Soubry added that it was not the job of the Government to tell supermarkets where they should put their "guilt" shelves (ie the chocolate laden shelves designed to force kids to force their parents to buy them chocolate).

This despite the fact that under a new industry code of practice being drawn up by the Department of Health, stores will be urged to put an end to cheap deals on fatty products, stop funnelling shoppers past rows of unhealthy foods, and spend a fixed amount from their marketing budgets on lower-calorie foods.

Ms Soubry said:
"Guilt lanes is a horrible, horrible expression.

I dislike it intensely - the idea that if you treat yourself you should feel guilty. It's absolute nonsense. 

I just said no to my children. I didn't particularly feel pressured. I can understand that some people find it difficult, particularly when it is aimed at children. 

But there's nothing wrong with sweets. We just want people to put them in sensible balanced diets - and it's not the job of government to tell supermarkets where to put their shelves."

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