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Monday, July 15, 2013

Nanny Bans Packed Lunches

I am ungemused to see that Nanny is sticking nose into kids' lunch boxes again and, now that turkey twizzlers have been banned from school canteens, wants packed lunches banned so that kids are forced to eat school dinners.

Seemingly a Nanny commissioned school food review by two founders of the Leon restaurant chain says take-up is low at 43%, despite huge quality improvements.

Packed lunches are nearly always less nutritious than a cooked meal, say the authors of the School Food Plan.

Leon has been working on a plan for the food that is served in schools for Michael Gove & The Department of Education.

Leon founder Henry Dimbleby is quoted by the BBC:
"We do need to make packed lunch the less attractive option."
Nanny's Education Secretary Michael Gove said:
"What I'd like to see is more children eating school lunches and fewer having packed lunches, and more children feeling healthier and more energetic throughout the day."
All very nice I dare say, but when I was a lad I was happy enough opting out of school dinners and having a packed lunch.

A diet of banana sandwiches et al, chocolate cup cakes and crisps did not turn me into a lard bucket and my intellectual capabilities were unimpeded by the lack of over boiled cabbage in my diet.

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  1. I don't remember too much about school meals but a hot meal (or too large a meal) makes me want a kip in the office.
    Big cooked meals are for teatime. Sandwiches are for lunch

  2. Tonk.2:22 PM

    It is Nanny's belief that she owns the children, just like the local shop and its precious things in league of gentlemen.

    Our local school will not let kids off of the school site during the lunch break! Prison?

    It should be up to the parent what their kids eat, not the state. School meal providers still use processed foods. We need a return to where each school has its own kitchen and army of dinner ladies who cook meals from scratch, using fresh ingredients each day.

    Nanny is a control freak.