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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Auntie's Jamaica Inn Fiasco

I am hugely gemused to see Auntie squirming on the ropes over the Jamaica Inn fiasco, wherein the actors have mumbled their lines so appallingly that millions of viewers have given up trying to watch the series as they cannot hear/understand what the hell is being said.

Initially Auntie blamed technical aspects of the recording, which she claimed she would fix. However, Auntie has finally been forced to come clean and admit that it's down to the actors mumbling their lines and the directors simply not manning up to them to tell them to act better!

Ben Stephenson, the head of drama commissioning, is quoted by the Telegraph:
I think actors being clear is one part of it.
My understanding of the complaints about Jamaica Inn was more complex than that, so I think it’s probably not right to single out that, but clearly we want actors to speak clearly. 

Of course we want them to give brilliant performances and you’ve got to respect that, but if no one can understand what they’re saying, then there’s a problem.” 
No shit!?

This farce highlights one of the many problems with Auntie, namely that she looks after her own interests and those of her "staff" before those of her "customers" (ie the licence fee payers).

Joke of the day:

I took my wife to the West Indies on holiday.


No, she went of her own accord.

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