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Friday, April 25, 2014

Nanny's Health Atlas

Nanny's chums from the UK Small Area Health Statistics Unit at Imperial College have produced an online health atlas.

As per the site:
"The Environment and Health Atlas for England and Wales is an independent publication produced by the Small Area Health Statistics Unit (SAHSU), an academic unit funded by the Medical Research Council and Public Health England. The aims of the atlas are:
  • To provide baseline information for policy makers and the public on geographic patterns of environmental agents and disease.
  • To help in development of hypotheses to understand and explain variability in disease risk that may relate to the environment, lifestyle factors and/or location.
  • Following on from this, to help in development of research to investigate potential causal relationships between environment and health factors – where either evidence or lack of evidence for an effect provides important information to inform public health and policy.
The atlas provides maps of the geographical variations for a range of health conditions and environmental agents at a small-area scale (census wards). The maps have been developed as a resource for those working in public health and public health policy and for the general public to better understand the geographic distribution of environmental factors and disease. It is important to note that simple comparison of mapped environmental agents and health conditions cannot be used to indicate causal associations. For this more information about other factors that might affect disease risk (for example the actual dose received by an individual, the exposure pathway and individual factors such as smoking, other medical conditions and family history) and further statistical analysis would be needed."
I guarantee that millions of people will now end up being massively confused and worried by the statistics, and that Nanny's chums in government and the various health quangos will freely misuse this data for their own ends.

The health atlas allows individuals to type in their postcode and find out whether people living in their area are at higher or lower risk of host of diseases than the rest of the country.

The atlas has already thrown up questions for further research such as why sunshine levels are highest in the southeast but skin cancer rates are highest in the southwest.

Prof Paul Pharoah, Professor of Cancer Epidemiology, University of Cambridge, is quoted by the Telegraph:
"People should definitely not use this atlas to decide where to live.” 

Of course they farking will!

Oh, and by the way, such is the level of demand for the site that it has just fallen over.

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  1. Anonymous6:57 PM

    I left Britain in 1989 and, having lived in 4 countries (UAE x 2, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia and the US) returned there in 2001. I left again in 2004, and have lived subsequently in Bulgaria. Bulgaria is at the bottom of the European treacle well; economically shit, big time corruption at all levels, health service dicky in the extreme. BUT one is not continually bombarded with government sponsored shit pretending to be for our own good (the Bulgarian government shows very few signs of caring about its citizens), and smothering one with endless trivial regulations. Most Bulgarians (and most expatriates who stay here) manage to live relatively contented, stable, unharrassed lives. I feel happier here; because, despite the crap hospitals, the bent politicians, and all the other shit; one can live one's life without the government and social agencies sticking their big, fat, left noses into it and ruining it because one uses one's own brain instead of the government's.

    Richmond Mathewson.