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Thursday, April 03, 2014

Too Old To Drink

My thanks to a loyal reader who recently pointed me to an absurd piece of Nanny nonsense that is devoid of any shred of commonsense.

Philips Lewis is 58, he has grey hair and a moustache.

With me so far?

He went to his local Esso petrol station (Norton Service Station in Midsomer Norton) to buy some petrol and four cans of Fosters.

Can you guess what happened next children?

Yes, that's right, he was banned from buying the booze because he didn't have any ID with him to prove that he was over 18.

He is quoted by the Bath Chronicle:
I could understand it if I was nearer 25 and looked that way but I will be 59 in June. I don’t carry my driving licence with me.

There was a queue behind me and I felt really humiliated and demoralised. I reckon I spend about £2,000 in there on petrol and magazines over a year – and I was made to feel like that at my age.

It was very over the top and I feel it was completely unnecessary. I have written to the service station manager but I will be withdrawing my custom and going elsewhere.

A spokesman for Esso said:
We apologise to Mr Lewis for any offence or inconvenience caused during his visit to the service station. 

While we have strict rules concerning the sale of alcohol, it is clear they were applied with a little too much zeal on this occasion. We have advised the sales assistant accordingly, and will contact Mr Lewis to offer him a small gift as a goodwill gesture.” 
No, the rules were not applied with "too much zeal" the rules were INCORRECTLY ENFORCED without any commonsense!

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1 comment:

  1. Howard11:27 PM

    Whoa can't buy PETROL under 18 - can you?? If not, why weren't the agestapo's charging out of their booths to challenge him for being 58 but only looking 17???