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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, April 03, 2014

Which Country In The World Has The Least Nanny State?


A Twitter chum of mine has asked the Twitterverse "which country in the world has the least Nanny state?"

Any ideas folks?

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  1. Anonymous11:13 AM

    Hongkong - according to "Eat the Rich" - PJ O'Rorke,

  2. Somalia I reckon.

  3. Hong Kong used to have the closest to a free market economy. Not sure what it's like these days.

  4. Expat in Canada3:23 PM

    Definitely not Canada, that's for sure.

  5. Depends what you mean by 'nannying'.

    If you mean the state trying to control your personal lifestyle via legislation and enforcement, then I would put Greece pretty high up the list of non-nannying. Bureaucracy is positively Byzantine, but there is no appetite in government for regulating lifestyle choices. The laws are on the statute books because of international / EU pressure, but enforcement is unenthusiastic.

    So I still ride my motorbike helmetless, as do most Greeks. I never wear a seatbelt, like most Greeks don't. Nearly all the bars and restaurants I go to provide me with an ashtray. There's nothing here that impacts on my personal lifestyle. Nobody tries to tell anyone how many units of alcohol (which is still cheap - my 10 litre box of very drinkable Merlot costs me €20) they should limit themselves to; they throw salt on food with wild abandon and there's been no mention of the perils of sugar anywhere. No 'five-a-day' headlines either.

    No "Think of the cheeeldren" guilt trips being foisted on people, no paedo hysteria, no talk of 'obesity epidemics'.

    And very little crime. If you let people get on with their lives without constant hectoring, then that's what they do - get on with life, despite the economic hardships of the past few years.

    Yes, I would count Greece among the least nannying states.

  6. Anonymous7:03 PM

    Bulgaria is a bit like Greece: the government are so busy climbing into bed with the Mafia and lining their pockets they haven't got time to worry about nannying anybody. One sees a policeman from time to time doing something vague with traffic. Amazingly enough most people seem to get on with their lives without all that interference that happens in the UK: I don't think teenage pregnancies and/or hard drug abuse is any higher per capita than in the UK; crime is about the same.