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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Vermin Alert

Sadly Brighton is to be infested once again by a surfeit of wankers from both the extreme right and left of the political spectrum, whose only intent is to come here for a fist fight and to disrupt the peaceful lives of the vast majority of decent people who live and visit here.

Sunday 27th of April sees the return of the March for England, performed by retards from the EDL. Last year some of the retards from this organisation deemed the Brighton Pavilion to be a mosque.

Much like flies around shit, the extreme left deem it necessary to come along as well to engage in fist fights with the EDL and with the police.

The residents and tourists of Brighton have no say as to where these scum chose to fight, that is in the hands of the council and police.

Can you guess where the council and police have chosen to place the scum?

Yes, that's right, in the most popular and busy part of the town - the seafront along the coast road between the Aquarium roundabout and WestStreet. Thus ensuring that no decent person (be they tourist, resident or business person) can be about their lawful business. Last year the route was impassable to anyone other than scum from the right and left of the political spectrum.

By all means allow the scum to conduct their pitched battles, but please can the route be place in the far more appropriate area of under the sea.

Message to both the extreme right and left:


You are not welcome here!

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  1. Oh come on Ken, don't beat around the bush, say what you mean! :-))

    It is odd, because Brighton has always, for some reason or other, attracted nutters who want to fight each other, it always used to be mods and rockers on Bank Holiday Mondays when I was growing up.

    I dislike the EDL because of the way they go about their business however, at one level or another, it is hard to argue against their fears and aims and, in my opinion, if our elected representatives had done what they should have done, namely, stood up for this country and its population, instead of taking us into a giant socialist superstate (EUSSR) and flooding our nation with an open door immigration policy, which has hurt the poor and less skilled amongst us, there would be no need for organisations such as the EDL or BNP.

    I also dislike the far left, especially the UAF and Searchlight because, they use nasty tactics to silence any debate about nationalism, immigration and many real concerns many people have about the direction our country is heading and they all too often, only go to these rallies to get a reaction and to provoke people into violence.

    Message to EDF, UAF et al; If you think the public backs your aims, put up some candidates in both the local and national elections and do it through democracy rather than thuggery.

  2. Lord of Atlantis11:19 AM

    They won't do that, Tonk, because they don't believe in democracy (not in this country at any rate, and if they did stand they'd both be hammered at the polls! However, yet again, I find myself in agreement with you

    1. Tonk.1:54 PM

      Thank You My Lord.....

      It does appear to me, and call me cynical if you wish but, both extreme ends of politics only support democracy so long as you agree with their views.

      I agree that both groups would get hammered in the polls and rightly so.
      The problem for me is that there appears to be so little between the main parties as they each clammer for the center ground, that voters have little real choice and no real choice, in effect means, no real democracy.
      I am a dyed in the wool traditional Conservative but, since Mr Cameron has taken over the party, I do not feel there is a Conservative Party for me to vote for.
      I was going to lend my vote to UKIP but, when Mr Farage expelled an elected representative for expressing a non PC, non BBC think opinion, I decided that he had joined the other parties in the drive to destroy our nation through cultural Marxism.

      Is it just me or does anyone else get fed up with seeing party leaders making announcements with large numbers of people sat behind them consisting of mainly women and ethnic minorities? Do politicians think we're so daft that we're taken in by this type of presentation approach?