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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Nanny Is Mother Nanny Is Father - Schooling From Two

I was thoroughly depressed to read recently that Nanny's head of Ofsted (Sir Michael Wilshaw) is of the view that kids should start formal schooling (ie attend nurseries) from the age of two.

He is of the view that radical changes are needed to address concerns that the early years system is “letting down” large numbers of children who start formal education lacking the most basic literacy and numeracy skills.
Sir Michael says that children (particularly those from poor families) “do better in school-based provision”. 

Poverty has nothing to do with it!

Were poverty an issue then poor children in Asia Pacific (eg Chinese children) would not be outranking their middle class Western counterparts in key skills such maths and literacy.

I dare say, were formal schooling to commence at two, Nanny will one day press for children to removed from their parents as soon as they are born.

The issue is not that of schooling, but incredibly lousy parenting. It is not the kids who need to be educated but the parents!
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  1. Lord of Atlantis10:59 AM

    I quite agree, Ken, that this is a horrendous idea. It is high time that some parents got off their backsides and started preparing their children for school. It is NOT the state's job to teach children basics. Still, it gives Nanny a good excuse to brainwash, er, sorry, "educate" children to her will, i.e to become docile sheeple obsessed with political correctness and elf'n'safety, too scared to enjoy or allow their own children to enjoy a proper childhood such as we used to experience.

  2. Anonymous2:13 AM

    The Knight is correct, in as much as the statements he says. One can but wonder though, about his facts with regard to age.

    It could be suggested his age has left him less than lucid concerning his surroundings.