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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Nanny Bans Panto - Health and Safety

"Oh No You Didn't!

Oh Yes I Did

Ah tis panto season again, the time when middle aged men dress as women, attractive young women dress in tights posing as men and get to kiss/make out with the leading lady who is also an attractive young woman....and we take our children to watch this.

This time honoured tradition has been going on for centuries, and nothing has stopped it until now. For you see dear readers, Nanny has got the wind up her bloomers over the health and safety issues of panto.

The panto players of Peterculter, Aberdeenshire, have performed for the last 17 years in their local village hall without any problems until now when Nanny's chums from Aberdeen City Council recently threatened them with a police raid.

For why?

Cross dressing adults?


Woman to woman kissing?


The show contravenes health and safety laws, because the show (Aladdin) was not licensed. The council had claimed the show did not have a "proper licence" under rules laid down in 1968.

Peterculter Theatre Club has a public entertainment licence for the show, but not a theatre licence (which would take 3 weeks to process).

One might ask why it is that this rule has only just been thrown in their face by the the council?

A spokesman for the Council said it had a duty to report licensing breaches to the police. In true Nanny style he said:

"We have no discretion in this matter. There is a minimum 14-day notice period for application for a theatre licence, which is laid down by statute and cannot be waived.

The legislation is in place to ensure the safety of people attending public buildings. In respect of a theatre licence, this includes checks on technical issues such as moving parts on stage, lighting safety curtains etc.

All of these have the potential to go wrong with serious implications for public safety

Only obeying orders!

Surely the hall has a fire certificate etc?

Seemingly some form of solution was agreed upon, re the firebrigade checking all was in order, and the show went ahead.

Why could the council not have come up with that solution in the first place?

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  1. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Oh dear....We can't have people enjoying themselves now can we?....Nanny would prefer them to be at work if they are awake....She has to keep the tax rolling in and I suspect, there is no cut for her from this panto....Good ol' 'Elf'n'Safety...Nanny's coveral to get people to obey.

  2. Anonymous3:56 PM

    How come the jobsworths have only just struck? The "rule" has been in existence for 23 years LONGER than the panto has been staged for....

  3. Will it be on CCT?

    Oh, I forgot: Nanny speny money puttig them up, but does not want to pay anyone - or even pay to train volunteers - to actually use them, especally the ones that can be remotely moved about to focus on a scene called in as havng a problem RIGHT NOW -
    *Big Btother is NOT watching*

    In happier CCTV news, the annual Scotsman Haggis Hunt is on!

  4. Anonymous2:07 PM

    As others and I've said before, and this seems to prove the point, Nanny and her jobsworth gestapo lead such sad, pathetic lives that their only happiness is causing misery for other people, the more the better.