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Monday, December 15, 2008

Nanny Bans Rattle

Sally Army
As we approach Christmas, town centres across the country are the venue for all manner of charity collectors. One organisation that is very much a part of this scene is the Salvation Army.

This year they are having a weeny bit of a problem with Nanny. Nanny has decreed that whilst the Sally Army can perform, and still collect money, it cannot and must not rattle its collecting cans.

For why?

The rattling of the cans, according to Nanny, may offend other religions.

Nanny's councils and police even have the power to enforce the no-rattle rule.

Personally speaking I find it offensive that TV adverts have been ramming Christmas down our throats since September, one can have too much of a good thing, but I don't see Nanny rushing to stop that.

We live in very strange times indeed!

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  1. I suspect this is all part of Nanny's plan; Just as she did with smoking; Make it awkward and inconvenient to smoke....So she is doing the same thing with Christianity; She is making it more and more difficult to be a follower of the Christian faith in this country.....Nanny hopes that, if she constantly attacks and ridicules Christianity and continues to press her anti Christian teachings in school, then Christianity will die out in this country, to be replaced with one of the "acceptable" religions, namely Islam or Climate Change.

  2. Lord of Atlantis3:02 PM

    Well, this kind of crap offends me. Ken! I am not a member of the Salvation Army, but I do have a great deal of respect for them and the work they do. Instead of banning the Salvation Army from rattling their collecting tins, society would be far better off if we simply banned Nanny and her minions, along with cold callers. It's predictable that local councils and the police are involved, even though the latter claim they do not have the resources when one reports real crime!

  3. Disgusted, Tonbridge Wells4:13 PM

    I'm a pagan and have no problems with people demonstrating their faith be it Christianity or any other. Mind you, Christianity did nick all of our festivals ;)

    We don't need Nanny's micro-regulation. And should some overenthusiastic Sally Army soldier rattle his/her tin by mistake, will one of Nanny's Gauleiters snatch the contents of the tin by issuing a fixed penalty? Kerching - at the expense of an organisation that does nothing but good.

  4. So, let me get this straight having read the article. They are banned from rattling their tins in case it offends other religions or 'harasses or intimidates' people ? Okay, the Salvation Army stand in the high street and brighten the day with their music and collect donations for their cause which helps a lot of needy people all year round and that is supposed to intimidate people but the 'chugger' scum who leap out in front of people waving wildly with a yell of "'ello mate! Want to save the Albanian orphan whales ?" are not in the least intimidating, offensive or harassing ? Maybe Nanny needs to get her priorities right and do something about the latter instead ? Then again, they are not a decent, inoffensive organisation who will give help to anyone no matter what their faith or circumstances are they ?

    Furthermore, why, if they are so offensive to other faiths did I spot a gentleman of quite obvious Muslim persuasion put a donation in the tin when they were on our local hight street a couple of weeks ago.

  5. I saw a street collection license back in 1978 in Coventry- it was forbidden to rattle collecting tins even then.

    No-one took any notice though!

  6. Grant8:00 PM

    I agree with the rattle ban ....

    .... but only if it coincides with nanny sending instructions to HMRC to stop rattling people by asking for tax payments.


  7. Anonymous9:02 PM

    Who-ever started this is wrong - these are the rules in my area - where does it say no tin-rattling?

    "Applications for a permit shall be made in writing not later than one month before the date on which it is proposed to make the collection or sale
    No collection or sale shall be made except upon the day and between the hours stated on the permit
    The Local Authority may, in granting a permit, limit a collection or sale to such streets or public places or such parts thereof as they think fit
    No person may assist or take part in any collection or sale without the written authority of the person or body or persons to whom a permit has been granted. Every person so authorised shall produce such written authority forthwith for inspection by any Police or authorised officer on demand
    No collection or sale shall be made in any part of the carriageway or any street, nor shall any collection or sale be made on the footway or in any public place to the obstruction or annoyance of any person in such street or public place
    All persons acting as collectors or vendors in a street shall occupy a stationary position at some place on the footway. Not more than two persons shall act as collectors or vendors at the same station, and no person shall collect money or sell articles within 30 yards of a station where any other person or persons are collecting or selling
    No person under the age of 16 years shall act or be permitted to act as a collector or vendor
    No collector or vendor shall use a table for the purpose of any collection or sale so as to cause or be likely to cause obstruction. No table shall exceed 30 inches in length and 20 inches in width when used
    No collector or vendor shall use a box or other receptacle at the end of a pole intended to reach upper windows or the roofs of conveyances
    No collector or vendor shall be accompanied by any animal
    No collector or vendor shall importune any person to the annoyance of such persons
    Every collector or vendor shall carry and present to all contributors or purchasers for the reception of money contributions a box or other receptacle securely closed and sealed in such a way as to prevent the same being opened without such seal being broken, and into this box or other receptacle all contributions shall be immediately placed. All such boxes or receptacles shall be numbered consecutively. Every collector or vendor shall deliver his/her box or other receptacles with the seals unbroken to one of the persons responsible for the proper application of the money received
    A collector or vendor shall not carry or use any collecting box, receptacle or tray which does not bear displayed prominently thereon the name of the fund for which the collection or sale is being made, nor any box or other receptacle which is not duly numbered
    No payment or reward shall be made or given either directly or indirectly to any collector or vendor or other person connected with the promotion or conduct of a collection or sale for or in respect of services rendered in connection therewith"

    Apart from the "importune to the annoyance of", there is no reference to offending anyone. So, non-story, started by some jobsworth. Bit like the Xmas lights story on another blog

  8. archroy6:30 PM

    "No collector or vendor shall be accompanied by any animal"

    Might be a bit awkward if they're collecting for guide-dogs!

    "buclampe" - what a classy word verification! Lord Buclampe of Beauclair.

  9. What else is Christmas about these days except the incessant rattling of cash registers which begins earlier and earlier and with the recession well set in next year is likely to start in July at the latest.

  10. Andrew Yeaves3:07 PM

    In the USA the Salvation Army people get a nice sized bell to ring when they’re out collecting donations. Maybe to circumvent Nanny they could just start doing that instead of rattling the tin.

  11. Now now Mr Yeaves, we can't be 'aving that. Ringing a bell when collecting for charity may offend hunchbacks.