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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Trip Hazard

Trip Hazard
Be warned the Health and Safety Gestapo have donned their jackboots again and are back to their favourite subject, the alleged "trip hazard" posed by welcome mats.

Residents of the rather amusinbgly named "Revenge House" block of flats, at The Anchorage, Gosport have recently been told by the Gestapo in their local council to remove their welcome mats lest someone trip over them.

Residents who do not remove the mats have been threatened with court action, and possible eviction.

Ironically Cllr Keith Gill, the head of the council's housing board, thinks that this is a load of bollocks:

"I would be very opposed to any kind of legal action taking place over this. I think that would be heavy handed.

This is really sending out the wrong message and there are more important things that the council should be worrying about

Well said sir!

Even Tom Mullarkey, chief executive of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, was against the mat ban.

"The application of common sense and balance is much more reasonable than the seeking of mindless increments towards absolute safety."

The extent of the council's stupidity is highlighted by the fact that instead of applying a blanket ban on all mats (which at least would be consistent with their daft policy), they intend to waste time and resources by assessing the risk posed by each mat on an individual basis.

What a complete bunch of knobheads!

Let's face it, local councils really are the pits.

Rather amusingly my own local branch of LA Fitness is using the "trip hazard" as an excuse for not putting anti slip matting around the sides of their swimming pool, I am sure that this is nothing to do with saving money.

Good luck to them in the courts if someone slips on the wet tiles, as I and others have nearly done, and breaks a few bones.

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  1. Anonymous8:15 PM

  2. And, yet another call for eliminating fire extinguishers as H&S risks:
    *Extinguishers banned as a fire safety hazard*

    Either there is no knowledge of "ABC" extinguisher types, or the council thinks the last few decades of government schools have left residents without the ability to understand even the pictures on the welded-on label showing how to use them.

    The claim is mostly that someone will try to put out a major fire with one and stay too long before giving up. No word on removing bedding from apartments so there will not be any attempt to use the method sometimes shown on the telly, which might end with a citizen holding a flaming mass which he/she was using to try to "beat out" flames.