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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Nanny Bans Brownies

Nanny Bans BrowniesOh dear, Nanny has set her gimlet eye upon that most harmless of institutions the Brownies. Specifically, Nanny has it in for the girls of the West Herts Guides Division in the Hemel Hempstead area.

For why, what have these girls (age range 5 to teen) done that has so enraged Nanny?

They have sung carols (as they have done for more than 20 years) for pensioners and disabled people at a late night Christmas shopping event at the Marlowes centre in Hemel Hempstead.

All well and good, except Nanny's chums who run the shopping centre have not invited them to perform this year.

For why?

Health and Safety!

Seemingly, despite the fact they have performed there for 20 years, this year it was deemed unsafe because they might block fire escape routes.

An odd decision really, given that everything that Nanny claims she does has a "child centric focus".

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  1. Anonymous11:19 AM

    Sheer madness.....All part of Nanny's plan to rid the country of Christianity.....

  2. Anonymous2:02 PM

    Health and @%££&** safety again! Pass the sick bag, please, someone.
    I wonder if this excuse would have been used by these jobsworths if it had been a muslim or Hindu festival that was being celebrated?

  3. Anonymous2:30 PM

    Sounds like the Elf of Safety has been eating too many humbugs!

  4. Anonymous3:40 PM

    The HSE has a section on their site de-bunking many of the popular stories, and pointing out that, in most cases, it's bad judgement (sorry collective arse covering!) by council officials rather than the rules per say. I've said before that it needs a generous benefactor to pay for some legal challenges to these ludicrous rulings.

  5. Anonymous9:16 PM

    microdave, I don't think they even need legal challenges, as most of these barmy rulings have no legal validity in the first place.

    People should just ignore them, perhaps, in cases like the Brownies making sure that a couple of people are around with cameras. I'm sure Plod wouldn't want their pictures plastered all over the Hemel Hempstead Free Press bullying a crowd of little girls.

  6. Anonymous10:33 PM

    archroy, It seems that plod take great delight in going after easy targets like this. Therein lies the problem. The other aspect is the very real risk to small groups of being hit by a compensayshun claim if there was a problem. Put the 2 together and it's all too easy to see why people give up when faced by crap like this...

  7. Anonymous11:33 PM

  8. Anonymous3:10 PM

    Archroy said "I'm sure Plod wouldn't want their pictures plastered all over the Hemel Hempstead Free Press bullying a crowd of little girls."

    But in our brave new world, the photographers would be arrested too, probably under the prevention of terrorism act, fitted up on some spurious charge, the film 'accidentally' wiped clean, and for good measure their cameras destroyed, all for the protection of the public, of course..