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Monday, December 08, 2008

Knobheads of The Year - Thanet Council

Thanet Council
Even I, a man who is well used to Nanny's stupidity, was a tad gobsmacked when I read what Nanny's "we are only obeying orders" twats in Thanet Council did to Lazaris Michael (76 years old) recently.

Indeed I am so gobsmacked that I am awarding Thanet council my ultra prestigious, and much coveted, "Knobheads of The Year" Award.

What have they done to deserve such an award?

Pin back your lugholes dear readers, and I will relate a sorry tale of Thanet Council's arrogance and pigheadedness.

Mr Michael was minding his own business shopping in Margate and having a fag, when some policemen accidentally knocked his fag out of his hand as they rushed to nick two girls who were trying to leg it from a branch of Boots.

So far so good.

Mr Michael, being a responsible citizen (and not happy to waste a good fag), then bent down to pick it up...

Can you guess what happened next children?

Yes, that's right, before he could retrieve his fag as if by magic a council warden appeared and blinky blonky blimey issued him with a fixed penalty notice of £60 for littering.

Now at this stage one might have thought that, aside from the warden being a jobsworth "I'm only following orders" knobhead, the council would have used some commonsense and not followed this up.

Oh deary me, how wrong you are!

The council, being a bunch of thickheaded, obstinate knobheads chose to ignore his pleas for commonsense and are threatening him with a larger fine of £80 if he does not pay up.

Thanet Council when confronted showed no remorse, their environment chief Shirley Tomlinson said:

"We are happy with the process that has been followed.

Thanet Council's campaign warns people the council will take a zero tolerance approach to anyone who drops litter, including cigarette butts and chewing gum.

If spotted, no excuses will be accepted. You will be handed a fine.

It is therefore important to dispose of any litter in the right way.

Our wardens have been doing what they have been instructed to do and we cannot make any allowances

By their own words so they have condemned themselves.

Let us reciprocate and show no mercy to these self important martinets, who choose to abandon the normal rules of mercy and commonsense that ought to be used in abundance by our elected officials.

- No more should we kowtow to these people.

- No more should we accept their "authority" over us.

- No more should we vote them back into office.

At every opportunity should we obstruct, and gum up the system. Use Nanny's "zero tolerance" approach against Nanny and her minions.

Local councils are the enemy of the people, they should be treated with absolute contempt!

Thanet Council well deserving Knobheads of The Year!

Now here's a funny thing:)

Can you guess children which party runs Thanet?

Yes, that's right, it's the Tory Party...again!

I don't know about you, but I am getting pig sick of writing about local council stupidity and rigid petty mindedness, only to find that it's not Zanu Labour but the Tories behaving like dickheads.

Well folks I give the Tory Party full and fair notice that even if it costs them the next election, unless they get their act together and clearly demonstrate to us that they have a workable plan for rolling back the frontiers of the state (and bring their councils to heel) I will use all my efforts to cause a "train wreck" in their election plans.

I would also like to remind them that I own the domain names and

You know the format by now folks, drop Cameron a line telling him your views of the Tory party.

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  1. Again, it is the "Council Officers" that make the decisions to pursue such cases.....There seems to be a common purpose at play here....We must push our elected reps to reign in these "Council Officers" as they bring the Party into disrepute. Sadly, no matter which party runs a local council, the offices are full of left wing guardian readers, as that is where the positions they hold are advertised.
    I suspect that, these council employees have a hidden agenda or common purpose, to make the Conservative councils look silly and by God, they are succeeding.

    By the way Ken, you missed out a very important word when talking about the councils fine.....Kerching!!

  2. Tonk

    re "kerching" I was leaving that honour to you



  3. Ken:

    Why thank you kind sir!!

  4. As Tonk says, it is the council officers that make the decisions and many of them are indeed dyed in the wool left wingers. I know, I have had to work with some of them in the past. Furthermore the lower level jobs (Eg wardens etc) seem to attract a certain type of person who seems to get off on what little authority they have been given and who are utterly incapable of applying common sense.

    My great uncle was a Tory councillor (and mayor at one point) from the 1950s to the 1970s and had exactly the same problems back then with departments run by members of the opposing party who seemed hell bent on causing as many problems as possible and what he described as "jumped up little Hitlers inflated with a false sense of their own importance". It seems that over the years very little changes.

    However, my great uncle had some success in reigning in these twerps apparently so as Tonk also says, we need to push *our* elected representatives to do the same today.

  5. Anonymous1:50 PM

    The Neo-coms are running the country.

  6. Anonymous2:52 PM

    I think you are wasting your time going after the Tory party. I sent an e-mail after the last sorry tale a few days ago, just heard it was deleted unread by one Alice Sheffield. They are a complete waste of time but they are heading for a fall. They cannot, or will not attack the loss of our liberties and they do not care.

    Derek Buxton

  7. paul styper5:51 PM

    I was so angry when I read this yesterday that I sent this shirley knbhead tomlinson an email. Needless to say I don't expect a reply. Again what made me so angry is the fact it was (again) a tory council.
    ps. I knew it would feature in todays I usually do when I hear of these stories.

  8. Anonymous6:19 PM

    Alice Sheffield is David Cameron's sister-in-law.

    Even if anyone could ever claim to pin their hopes on the tories to roll back this onslaught of the police state - I think that may be too close to home.

    There is no hope....unless the Thai's (and Greeks) have the right idea.