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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Xmas Lights

The Xmas Lights
Nanny's reign over us is achieved by a variety of means:

1 She passes laws and rules that inhibit our freedoms.

2 She employs a vast army of "helpers" to enforce her rules and to spy on us.

3 She allows others to "interpret" her rules, and to apply them in a fashion that is over and above the letter of the law. As and when someone realises that in fact the "rule" being applied doesn't exist, Nanny shrugs her shoulders and blames one of her overenthusiastic little helpers.

Such a case happened to Dorothy Glenn from South Shields.

One of Nanny's little trolls, in the form of a Homes Worker from Mrs Glenn's housing association run by the council, who told her to remove her Christmas lights lest they offend her non-Christian neighbours.

Mrs Glenn decorates her home in South Shields with hundreds of festive lights every year, including a giant tree and a 4ft Santa Claus.

Now I can understand that noisy, bright decorations might annoy people (eg if they can't sleep, or if they attract thousands of people to gawp). However, given that trees and Santa Claus have zero religious connotations (many non Christian families put up a tree in their homes during Christmas) the use of the "religious offence" excuse is flimsy.

However, can you guess what folks?

The ruling turned out to be bollocks.

The housing association apologised to Mrs Glenn, and backtracked claiming that removing Christmas lights was not part of their policy.

I wonder, if they would have backtracked if this story had not been made public?

Independent councillor Ahmed Khan, who represents Mrs Glenn's ward, also thought the ban was bollocks:

"Every year this woman puts her Christmas lights up and I know how popular they are. It's great when people make an effort to decorate their houses.

It's this kind of nonsense that sets race relations back 20 years. That woman did nothing more than decorate her house to celebrate Christmas

Local councils are run for the benefit of those whom they employ, and to propagate half arsed political dogmas, not the people who vote for them.

It is time that local councils were restructured to serve the people who vote for them, and who pay council taxes.

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  1. Anonymous12:09 PM

    There always seems to be people, usually within local government, that are happy to be offended on behalf of some minority or other......If these PC people took the effort to ask these groups if they were actually offended, I suspect, most would say they are not.
    Political correctness is destroying our nation, but I ask will it stop, and the likely answer is no because, as is the case with the new religion of climate change, too many people have made a lot of money out of it.

  2. archroy4:07 PM

    Councillor Ahmed Khan, eh? Obviously some sort of mad Christian fundamentalist.

  3. archroy4:21 PM

    Just a further comment on the above...

    Most religions go in for lavish decorations on their Holy Days - if you want to see real over-the-top knock-your-eyes-out glitz check out some Hindu festivals - apart from the Taliban-type Muslims and the puritanical Strict-Baptist, Wee-Free, Plymouth-Bretheren types.

    The latter, particulalry in the North of England tended, historically, to have had close associations with the early Labour Party. (Someone once said that the Labour Party owed more to Methodism than Marxism). I suspect that with the general decline of religion amongst the indigenous population that the people who would previously have been members of such cults - where they could take a superior attitide to the common folk they were placed on Earth to order around - now find a congenial home for their views in social services, 'housing associations' and the like.

    Happy non-faith-specific winter festival to all your readers.