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Saturday, December 06, 2008

RIPA - Not Dead Yet

RIPA - Not Dead Yet
It seems that earlier reports of the demise of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) being used by our "respected" (lets be frank, I mean "loathed") local councils to spy on us were somewhat premature.

Nanny's Gestapo from Cambridgeshire County Council have used RIPA to spy on eight paperboys thought to be working without permits.

Council spies were sent undercover to spy on the local Spar shop in the village of Melbourn, and take notes on the movements of the boys.

For why?

The council used the evidence gathered to prosecute the shop's owners for employing five of the boys (all over 13 years old) without the correct documentation.

In Cambridgeshire it is against the law to employ children without a series of forms being filled in, the owners of the shop made an administrative mistake and did not complete all the necessary documentation.

Why so much paperwork?

It seems that Nanny believes that carrying newspapers presents a health and safety risk, also working before 7AM is verboten.

Gosh, 7AM...yes that is early isn't it?

Heaven forefend that anyone has to work at that ungodly hour!

The owners of the shop have been given a six-month conditional discharge.

No doubt the citizens of Cambridgeshire feel safer in their beds knowing that RIPA is being used to protect them from the terrorist threat of paperboys working without permits.

A truly loathsome use of RIPA. The councillors should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

By the way, can you guess which party runs Cambridgeshire?

Yes, that's right, yet again it's the Tories!

You know the format by now, tell Cameron he will lose the next election if he doesn't show that he intends to draw back the frontiers of the state and get control of his local councils.

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  1. I have found that the "colour" of the council does not really matter, the problem lies in the "officers" employed by the council.....Even my own Conservative Council have used common purpose.....I shall be asking my own counciller when he comes up for re-election why my tax money is being used to fund training provided by such a left wing, pro-EUSSR organisation.

    The problem with giving powers to councils is that they tend to use them....And they always tend to go after the softer targets that are less likely to really fight back....This way, targets can be met and boxes can be ticked and thus Nanny is happy.

    If I was living in Cambidgeshire, I would be asking my elected rep why are the council they are supposed to be running, using such powers for such a purpose and what action they intend to take to reign in council officers.

  2. Anonymous1:36 PM

    Sheesh! From time immemorial 10-14 yr old boys have delivered teaches discipline,responsibility, the value of a dollar....which of course runs the risk that these 13 yr. old boys will grow up independant of Nanny, making it on their own. Can't have that.


  3. Anonymous4:05 PM

    Good to see Cambridgeshire Council assisting the Government in helping small businesses through these 'difficult' economic times and discharging its remit to keep the paperwork in order in the course of abusing legislation. Next week it plans to count the paper clips lest it be accused of not giving tax payers value for money.


  4. The Tories are no different - so no surprise there.

  5. Anonymous11:57 AM

    At 13 years of age I used to run around the streets of Fife at 3 in the morning delivering bread rolls! I then worked all day Saturday on 'the vans'. It never did me any harm (I passed all my exams with flying colours). In fact, I'd say that it set me up for gave me the work ethic, a respect for money, AND it kept me fit.

    Now, my 13 year old daughter has recently taken a paper round delivering the local rag after school. She doesn't need the money; we're not that strapped for cash. She does it for her own self-esteem and so that she can buy Christmas presents for family and friends using her own money. I'm really proud of her.

    The health & safety / risk assessment was a joke. Once completed, she was issued with her security equipment: a reflective arm-band and a wistle!

  6. Anonymous7:12 PM

    this sounds sinister

  7. Anonymous3:35 PM

    While I don’t have a problem with common sense child labor laws, why the heck are British councils going after paper boys? I could understand if these kids were having to get up at 3am to make sure delivery was done by 5, but to not let them work at 7? Isn’t that a bit overbearing. Heck their usually in school by then so why would it be a problem if they took a summer job working at that time? Over here in USA you cant get a work permit until your at least 14if I remember correctly.