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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, July 06, 2007

Nanny Bans Sarnies

Nanny Bans SarniesWell it had to happen, not content with moaning about salt, sugar, name it...Nanny has launched a withering tirade on the humble sarnie (sandwich for the non Brits reading this).

It seems that some sort of test, doubtless very "scientific", was carried out by some sort of "interested" group (ie partisan, anti salt) into the salt contents of a range of sandwiches.

Shock horror....

They found that sandwiches contain salt.

Well of course they farking do...salt adds flavour...nit wits!

Anyhoo, the worst offender on the range of sarnies that were tested was the Pret A Manger "All Day Breakfast" (note Pret and I have some issues re their Heathrow outlet). Seemingly this evil sarnie contains the salt equivalent of a Siberian salt mine, or 7 bags of crisps (and we all know how much Nanny hates crisps, don't we children?).

The astute amongst you may observe the title of the evil sarnie..."All Day Breakfast".

In other words it contains; bacon, sausage, egg, tomato etc...therefore of course it is going to be salty, and hardly likely to be chosen on a daily basis by someone on a diet who is concerned about all matters of health.

It's a treat, not a way of life.

The trouble with Nanny is that she refuses to distinguish between a one off indulgence, and a thrice daily ritual. All Nanny wants to do is to remove every last vestige of pleasure from our lives, and make the world a drab grey place.

As to the salt content of the I give a fark?

No I don't.

My suggestion is that we all stick two fingers up to Nanny and go and buy as many of these evil sarnies as possible (but I don't like Pret!), therefore make your own...and remember to add lots of salt for added flavour.

Nanny really needs to get a life!


  1. Anonymous1:46 PM

    Actually, I have to take you up on this one. It's the fact that they had 3 times the RDA of salt for an adult.

    Now, if I let my child eat a sarnie.......salt overload....not good!

    I'm all for info to the consumer to make up their own mind....

    One must wonder though if they have to add so much salt, what state the ingedients are in if they need so much of it....

  2. Anonymous4:29 PM

    Nobody can possibly believe that they're going to get a vitamin-packed, super-healthy snack at a fast-food outlet, can they? So why the hell do they think us cretins have to be warned?
    BTW, Anon. needs to be careful, if Nanny gets to hear that he might even THINK of letting his kids eat 'junk food', they'll come and take both him and them away.

  3. Anonymous6:02 PM

    I wouldn't call a Ham and Cheese sarnie from Pret a Manger junk.....

  4. Anonymous8:34 PM

    So this should have been called the "All Week Breakfast" and then the salt levels, for a week, would have been OK.

    I thought salt was only dangerous for older people with clear health problems that are responsive to salt levels and quite young children whose systems may not be matured enough to deal with very excessive salt levels - like eating AND taking high salt level medication at the same time. And even then only if that was a constant 'diet'.

    Frankly I doubt there is much sense in feeding a small child a relatively expensive Pret a Manger all day breakfast but, for now at least, we are all allowed to waste out income in whatever way we choose.