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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, July 23, 2007

Let's Get Dirty

Let's Get DirtyIt seems that living in our sanitised and sterile Nanny cocoon is in fact rather bad for us.

There has, over the past 30 years or so, been a steady rise in the number of people claiming that they are allergic to all manner of things, from housemites to nuts.

Needless to say some of these claims are in fact hysterical BS, caused by the modern cultural fad for looking for reasons to excuse laziness, idleness, bad parenting and fussiness with food.

However, there has also been a rise in the number of people with genuine allergies.

Epidemiologists are theorising that the benefits of modern life, such as mains water supply, improved drainage and the greater cleanliness that is now de rigeur has caused us to become weaker when it comes to our responses to outside stimuli such as mites, animals, dust and nuts.

In Eastern Europe people continue to live in close proximity to animals, as such the incidence of the common forms of allergy remain low.

It seems we have become far too clean.

The irony being that the one area which should be 100% spotless, namely hospitals, Nanny has allowed to become absolutely filthy.

Funny that, isn't it?

Anyhoo, the lesson is clear; let's get dirty!


  1. Anonymous11:15 AM

    She's a comely young lady isnt she?!

  2. Anonymous12:54 PM

    I'll say! Not exactly Nurse Ratchett is she? ( o )( o )


  3. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Nurse! NURSE!

    p.s. what's the story about?

  4. Anonymous2:28 PM

    Is it still legal for a nurse to have breasts like that?
    Surely the NHS has a duty to protect patients from exposure to the risk of over-excitement?

    Ken, as I will be in the UK this weekend, could you tell me where this young lady is located so that I can go and remonstrate with her about her inappropriate outfit?

  5. Anonymous2:41 PM

    grumpy wrote:

    "... could you tell me where this young lady is located so that I can go ..."

    Switzerland I would guess from the 'flag'.

    Probably at one of those 'go as you please' clinics. Dual function employment. The over excitement could be used as a humanistic Cause of Departure on the one hand. On the other, for men and certain types of ladies having a pleasant view around as they shuffle off the coil might be enough.

    Is there still time to change your tickets?

    What would you tell Management?

    Alternatively, after a weekend in Blighted Blighty, you may feel a desire to make use of the professional services of one of the Swiss clinics ...

  6. Anonymous3:18 PM

    grant said
    "Switzerland I guess..."
    Well, sometimes fortune DOES smile on miserable old gits like me! As it happens, we will be making a one-hour stop in Zurich.
    I already feel a short-term illness coming on, which should reach its peak sometime Friday afternoon; somewhere over Switzerland. I believe I may have to pause, mid-journey, in order to seek treatment.
    As a caring husband I shall, of course, insist that Mrs. Expat coninues without me.

    Thank you God.

    Now what's that address?