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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Nanny Bans Fat

Fry Up

Oh dear, whilst the mice are away the pussy must play, or something like that anyway.

I see that during the NKB staff holiday in Barcelona, Nanny's chums in some "health lobby group" are pressing Nanny to tax fatty foods.


Fat is good!

1 Like the engine of the car, the human body needs lubrication for the blood to flow around its many organs etc. Fat is an ideal lubricant, thus enabling the blood to flow without hindrance or obstruction.

2 Many foods taste like shit if they are denuded of fat; eg sirloin steaks, pork, goose, foie gras, milk, butter, cheese etc.

Fat tastes Great

3 Sensible balanced diets won't kill you, fat is an important part of sensible balanced diets.

4 Fat is an importamt source of calorific energy.

5 Fats are good for you; eg cheese, butter, milk.

Ken aged 186 I drank 3 pints of milk a day as a did me no harm.

7 Taxing fat would mean that foods such as butter, milk and cheese (all good for you) would be priced out of some people's shopping baskets.

8 Taxing fat would be a regressive tax, adversely affecting the living standards of those less well off.

9 How about the carrot approach for once? Why not reduce the tax on non fat foods...if Nanny is so worried about our health?

10 Many MPs, doctors and other "health professionals" are unfit, overweight, substance abusers...who are they to tell us what we may or may not eat.

In short, Nanny can keep her hands off our fat!

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  1. Anonymous9:32 PM

    Ah! It didn't take long did it?

    Just as all those obese, self-satisfied 'liberals' sat down to devour their celebratory ColonelMacGreaseBurgers, amid much mutual back-slapping and giggles at having defeated 'the demon smoker', along comes Nanny (just as we knew she would) to tell them its now THEIR turn.
    Although I can't altogether suppress my satisfaction that they are about to be exposed to the same kind of hate-campaign that we smokers have suffered, thanks, in part, to the efforts of people just like them, nevertheless I am sad to see that we are now witnessing the next phase in the suppression of individual freedom in the UK.

    It won't end there either, as Ken has pointed out recently, booze, salt and touching (for God's sake) have all joined smoking as 'matters for concern'.

    I read this week that our overlords are now 'seriously considering' [that's shorthand for 'have decided on'] the removal of our property rights over our own bodies.
    Since, apparently, there are insufficient voluntary organ donors, it is proposed that if you should wish your body to remain intact after death, you will no longer have the automatic right to do so, but will have to sign an official form 'opting out'. Without this un-consent form, you may be chopped up and redistributed in whatever way 'they' choose.
    (Remember that German lady who used to make lampshades out of her 'patients'?)

    Not only George Orwell, but Franz Kafka as well must be kicking themselves over on 'the other side', wondering how they could have been so short-sighted as to have failed to forecast what can REALLY happen in 'A People's Democracy'.