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Nanny Knows Best
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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Chavs R Us

Re the Croydon "riot", mentioned in a comment on the article about banning the word "Chav", here is are 2 links:

Chav Riot

Chav Riot 2

I guess, because I live in Croydon that makes me a chav too?


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  1. Anonymous10:37 AM


    Just because you live in Croydonia does not make you a Chav.

    I love the quote from the police inspector;
    "Whilst we would never use the word 'mob' which is an inflammatory word,"
    What a load of PC crap!!

    This incident just shows what happens when Nanny nannies her population......Some groups within society hate authority and can't take a "no" which of course they have never had before,because, according to Nanny, being told no or loosing harms their self esteem....Ahhh bless 'em.

    See what you have created Nanny? Are you proud of yourself?

  2. Anonymous1:22 PM

    The redoubtable (not) Jacqui Smith, that well known mediocre and parochial ex-cookery teacher posing as our Home Secretary has just urged members of the public to take a stand on crime and intervene!

    Well look what happens when people do that, Jacqui, THEY GET ARRESTED AND PROSECUTED BY YOUR KEYSTONE COPS!

    She and the blowhards at ACPO need to get their ducks in a row on this. If the public are going to be able to defend themselves and make citizens arrests then ACPO need to ensure that the police will support it and not bang up the good guys! Or does she mean only that the public can intervene when someone else is being victimised by crime but not actually defend themselves.

    More confused, mixed messages from a Home Office, ACPO and police service that have well and truly lost the plot. Are you reading this, boys? Well, if so, it's time to extract your digits and earn your money! We need REAL POLICEMEN on our streets not more weasel words politicians!

  3. Er ... I thought 'Chav' implied WWC?

    The mob was entirely black.

  4. Does it matter whether they were black, white, brown, yellow, green, or skyblue pink? The police and the courts must be colourblind in such situations. They should be cracked down upon -hard - regardless of who the perpetrators are.

    I seem to remember a few exemplary sentences stamping out similar outbreaks of violent disorder in [I think] Notting Hill a few years ago.

  5. 'I guess, because I live in Croydon that makes me a chav too?'

    Yes Ken. That's you, that is. Rename your site 'Like, Nanny Knows what is, Like, Best 4U, Innit'...

  6. Anonymous1:36 PM


    Was dat u bruv wot I saw hanging wid da crew in da shopping mall.

    Knu u was cool rlly.

    Respect from a flw chav