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Monday, July 28, 2008

Nanny Bans Sacks

Nanny Bans Sacks
Oh dear, Nanny's drive to eliminate competition (winning and losing) from our lives took a sinister new twist recently.

On the pretext of our old "friend" health and safety, Nanny's chums at John F Kennedy Primary School (I didn't know he was British?) banned children from taking part in sack and three-legged races at their school sports day.

Seemingly Nanny is worried that they may hurt themselves.


Simon Woolley, head of education at Beamish in County Durham, said:

"We looked at a three-legged race and a sack race but what we want to do is minimise the risk to the children.

We had to assess which of the activities were liable to cause a risk. We thought we would be better to do hopping and running instead because there was less chance of them falling over

Earth to Woolley...children fall over; it's called growing up you prat!

I fell over lots of times, scabbed my knees then took great joy in picking the scabs off...I am now approaching 46 and still have the use of all of my organs (yes indeed!).

Nothing got infected, fell off or got permanently damaged despite numerous falling overs and scab pickings...why only the other day at Embankment I slipped on the wet floor arse over tit, and bruised/grazed my legs and other parts...yet, I recovered fine (I didn't sue either).

What is the matter with these knobheads?

Why do they deny children the pleasures and activities that they so freely participated in decades ago?

This is not the way to prepare children for adulthood.

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  1. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Perhaps the school could get the fragile kids to wear safety equipement, say a suit of bubble wrap, eye protection, bright yellow jacket, safety trainers and helmets oh, and they could replace the school field with foam rubber.....The world has gone insane!! Please let me off!!

  2. Anonymous12:42 PM

    I'm pushing 50 and have all manner of faded scars from wiping out on my bike, street games of kickball, falling off the monkey bars and thousands of other ways kids get scrapped, scratched and pounded. I got a bandaid and bactine from mom, but no sympathy, so ran right back into it for round 2.

    And, like you,Ken, are none the worse for wear.

    Debbie from US

    (of course if I put on my tin foil hat, I'd say that nannys plot to feminize the culture, and our boys, is to breed the warrior instincts out of our young men. Join hands and sing kumbaya. actually, I dont need to be paranoid to know that this IS true.)

  3. Anonymous10:48 PM

    Human bodies seem to come with a large repertoire of pre-wired survival, defence and repair mechanisms already built in. If you need to drink you’ll feel thirsty; if you need to eat you’ll feel hungry, etc.

    I remember on one occasion when I was young - the distinct inability to sleep was a clear signal to go and see a doctor with a suspected broken wrist. While I was there he noticed a scar from a couple of years earlier and reckoned I should have had stitches in it, even though nature had already performed a perfect healing job (The number of stitches I had in my youth left me wondering if the doctors were running a job-creation scheme).

    On that occasion, my mother complained that I’d gone back to school after hospital without telling her I’d a broken wrist; but given that she never responded well to hearing I was in hospital - I tried, when possible, not to tell her.

    The young ’ens nowadays, they don’t know what they’re missing!

  4. Did not these people learn, when they were in school, that a three-legged stool is more stable than a two-legged one? Or are they going further and proposing that from now on children must be taught to stay on all fours and never walk on merely two feet?

  5. Anonymous11:09 AM

    It get's worse, doesn't it? Like you, Ken, and I suspect most young people prior to Nanny's brave new sterile world, I have fallen over, cut myself and picked off the subsequent scab. It doesn't seem to have had an adverse effect on me either -- I was 58 in June! Can't these morons see the harm they are doing to this generation of children, and the problems that there actions are storing up for the future? This must be seen for what it is, probably just one more part of Nanny's plan for total dominance by exerting control by creating a generation of docile wimps.