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Monday, July 07, 2008

Nanny Bans Competition

Nanny Bans CompetitionIn the real world we have to face up to the fact that there are others competing for the same things (material, social, jobs, power, ego related etc) that we are; it's called life.

Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose.

We learnt to compete, and deal with failure, when we were young.

We were lucky!

In Nanny's world competition is bad, as that means there are losers. Therefore she has banned competition.

Children under the age of eight have been banned by the Football Association from playing in football leagues and cups, as there are fears that they are under too much pressure from competitive parents.

The new rules stipulate that matches can still be played, but that the results must be kept private and no league tables can be compiled.

Additionally children should not compete in knockout tournaments where there are trophies or medals.

This idea is complete bollocks!

How else will they learn how to deal with success and failure?

How do you play football non competitively?

Failure is character building.

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  1. Anonymous9:45 AM

    Well as the nanny-in-chief hates going in for competitive elections, can you be surprised?

  2. Anonymous10:00 AM

    Is this instance the FA maybe right. When the last England manager was sacked the question was asked as to why we were not producing talented and skilled footballers. One comment, from Sir Slex Ferguson, was that since schools football no longer existed, youngsters were playing in local leagues where coaches were more interested in winning than developing talent.

  3. Anonymous12:13 PM

    Competition may also encouage ambition which Nanny does not like.
    After all, all Nanny wants is mindless drone workers that can feed her need for tax take without asking too many questions.

  4. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Winners are very bad examples and may undermine the self esteem of those kids too fat, emotionally challenged, McDonalds dependent etc to compete.

    In fact 'winning' is a hangover from the days of the British Empire and has been proven to be instiutionally racist for example witness Mr Lewis Hamilton holding the winners trophy at the British Grand Prix oh, er, hang, on well he is not a good example of multic cultural success as he left a terrible carbon footprint and was driving an, er car, yes, he is in fact a terrible darky and should be shot like that Mr Clarkson and all of the Top Gear team.

  5. Anonymous1:12 PM

    A nation of losers........

  6. Anonymous6:25 PM

    It’s a true saying:

    “The calibre of a man can be measured by
    how he copes with failure or adversity, not by
    how he copes with success or easy times”.

    It also used to be said:

    “Show me the boy until he is eight
    and I will show you the man”.

    If Nanny could be kept out of the first eight years of a boy’s development, less damage would be inflicted.

  7. Anonymous7:40 PM

    Our boys are being deliberately trained to be submissive - and it's not just here, it's right across Europe.

    It's those two murdered French students that put me onto this thought.

    The police are apparently looking for just one man. If they're on the right track then it means that one man was able to subdue and tie up two young men in their twenties. I find that fact astounding.

    I was instant messaging with my brother in Oz yesterday, and I mentioned this. Then I asked him to think back to when we were in our twenties - young, fit, hard and strong - and asked him if he thought a single man could have subdued the both of us together to the extent of us letting him tie us up? His answer, and I quote (he's a practising psychiatrist so he uses technical psychological terms rather a lot), was: "No fukin chance".

    Exactly my thoughts - and we recahed that conclusion whether the perp had a knife or not - we outnumbered him and it wouldn't have happened. Even if he (they) had outnumbered us it wouldn't have happened.

    But then, we were rough country boys who grew up in the fifties and sixties, and we both enlisted young - me 15, him 17. We were never brought up to be feminised or submissive. Apparently that's what the elites want of our boys these days - feminised. Submissive.

    We've got to retake control of our country.

  8. Sir Henry,

    I think there is more to that story than meets the eye.


  9. Anonymous10:19 AM

    I just went to a SportsDay as a grandparent, not having been to one for years. I watched a while and then asked when do the races start? "We don't race anymore" they said "It's not good for the children" "What?" a couple of other grandparents heard this and joined in.. all feeling the same. And they wonder why our kids are so bored, they will mature having no drive, no passion and no ambition. Winning and losing are a natural and necessary part of growing up Gawd I never won on Race Day but it taught me to deal with the inevitable knocks that life throws at me!

  10. Anonymous2:10 PM

    I used to partake in banger racing and always got totally hammered (both in the car and then after in the pub) never won a race, hardly finished most - but had a great laugh all the time.

    I now realise it was all wrong and that losing all those races and demolition derbies has scarred me for life. I am now seeking nanny's advice on how to sue the race promoter for exposing me to such mental torture. Course, if they see fit to amend the World Final trophy by adding my name to it (despite not qualifying) award it to me, plus a considerable sum of money for hurt feelings etc I shall drop the case as my self esteem will have been restored.

  11. Anonymous3:32 PM

    A Grandparent:

    Haven't modern schools become repressive places?
    As I said on a previous thread, I recently picked my Grandchild up from school and it was like getting into Broadmoor. High fences, double locked gates, guard on duty, parents giving me funny looks because I am an elderly male etc etc.
    Combine this with silly rules as those highlighted by our Ken and is it then any wonder we are turning out a generation of whimpy scaredy cats that cannot accept the word NO?

    The future looks bad doesn't it, when this generation grows up and finds life is a little different in reality to what they have been led to believe?