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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Yobs' Charter

The Yobs' Charter
I must confess I do not understand Nanny and those "leading" politicians (eg Cameron) who call for us to "have a go".

On the one hand Nanny says that she will get tough on "yoof" crime etc. However, on the other hand, when an honest citizen has a go (as encouraged by "leading" politicians) he/she finds the full weight of the law is not directed against the criminal but against himself/herself.

Take this particular example, that was recently in the media.

Steve Kink, a busy ness man in Dorset, apprehended a 25 year old thug after catching him breaking into a mobile phone shop late at night.

Mr Kink was punched in the face, yet still followed the "have a go" mantra espoused by some "leading" politicians and pinned the scumbag to the floor.

Passers-by called the Dorset police, while Mr Kink stood over him until officers arrived and arrested the scumbag.

Job done!

Not quite!

Here is where it all goes pear shaped.

Mr Kink, the next day, was less than pleased to discover that the suspect had been let off with a caution for criminal damage.

So far so bad!

It gets worse!

A few days later, Nanny's finest then turned up at his house to arrest him for assaulting the scumbag. He was then held in a police cell for six hours, before being interviewed.

Mr Kink, for his trouble, now finds himself charged with assault and battery, and is due to appear before magistrates shortly.

Well done Nanny!

Under no circumstances should anyone in their right mind "have a go". Let our well trained, ever visible, police deal with all of this shit; let's see how long it takes before the UK descends into total anarchy.

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  1. Anonymous11:07 AM

    Sadly there is a juxta position to this; On the one hand, those of us of a certain generation could not stand back and do nothing if we came across a piece of dross assaulting someone or causing damage to property, our natural reaction is to do something.
    On the other hand, we know that if we do get involved, in Nanny's crazy world, we are likely to fall foul of the law because, we are the soft easy target. We are less likely to resist arrest, less likely to make a complaint and, more importantly, more able to pay the fine that eventually will be imposed....Kerching!!
    The other "bonus" for Nanny, she will get someone, that would probably never get a criminal record, onto her database of both DNA and finger prints. It also makes the crime clear up figures look better.

    Although it goes against my nature, I would have to say I am unlikely now to get involved, especially if I felt the piece of dross was a minor....Sad really, but it is a reality of modern life in Nanny's Utopia.

  2. Anonymous12:43 PM


    'Nutopia' shurely? ;o)

  3. I think the word is "dystopia".

  4. Anonymous2:05 PM

    Citizens, do not worry. Call 111 or whatever the new number the EU wants to impose on us. A member of Europol will turn up and arrest you on the spot for not carrying your ID card.

    Guten evening all, your papers please.

  5. Anonymous2:56 PM

    Stories like this all over the UK. Law Abiding citizens lose the right to self defense, and the police abdicate their responsibility to defend it's citizens.

    What's the answer? THis will only get worse, not better. THe yobs now know they can get away with murder. The inmates running the asylum, while the PC crowd wrings its hands over the "root causes" of crime and poverty. I can give them a couple. How about no fathers and cradle to grave welfare. Toss in a big dose of moral relativism.

    I'm grateful for our second amendment for as lon as we can keep it. It will be gone with the wind someday. Hopefully long after I am dead.

    Debbie from the US

  6. You mean "total chaos". Anarchy, properly understood, is self-government, and the more of that we have, the better.

    Send for Hazel Blears, and let HER have a go. That should put the fear of God [or something] into them....

  7. Anonymous7:07 PM

    What will happen is what always happens in these cases: after messing Mr Kink around for a few weeks the Crown Prosecution Service will suddenly realise that this story is all over the papers and will drop the case at the last minute, causing the maximum incovenience to a public-spirited citizen.

    As I've asked before: is there any reason why the police are pursuing a deliberate policy of making us hate them?

  8. Anonymous8:52 PM

    and then there is this............

  9. Anonymous11:30 PM

    Thanks Anon 8:52 PM.

    That story’s much worse than Ken’s original.

    If today’s nanny-state attitudes had been around when I was a child, we wouldn’t have received an education.

    All our teachers would have been rounded up and sent to prison.