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Friday, July 04, 2008

Building Our Own Prison

Building Our Own Prison
I recently wrote that by allowing Nanny to dictate to us, and by modifying our behaviour to avoid any form or risk or potential offence, we are in effect building our own prison, brick by brick.

This point was rammed home the other day by the story I read about Frank McCourt, a former soldier who lives in Crawley, who made a citizen's arrest in February on a yob terrorising his home yet was arrested himself – on suspicion of kidnap.

Mr McCourt then endured a three-month legal ordeal, while the yob and his gang went unpunished.

Mr McCourt was forced to act against the yob and his cohorts, when a pack of youths hurled stones, sticks, mud and eggs at his house whilst his wife Maria cowered inside.

Where were the police?

He called a police hotline, but was kept on hold for 45 minutes. He went out to look for a police officer on the beat, but couldn't find one.

Therefore he opted for the tactic recommended by our leading politicians, he took action himself and stood up to the scum. He grabbed one of the yobs and asked his name, telling him he was making a citizen's arrest.

Low and behold, as if by magic, the police then turned up.

Did they arrest the yob?


They arrested Mr McCourt, but took no action against the yobs.

Would the leading politicians who recommend "have a go" actions kindly take note that when people do "have a go", Nanny uses its powers against the victim, not the criminal.

He spent six weeks on bail until April 3, when police said they would caution him. Mr McCourt refused to accept it, saying to do so would be an admission of guilt.

Police then charged him with assault.

He appeared before magistrates and a trial date was set for Haywards Heath magistrates' court. However, two days before the trial, he was told the case had been dropped after his MP Laura Moffat took the matter up with police.

Mr McCourt said:

"Those children have got away scot-free. They are the criminals of the future, and they've been given the green light to carry on, while I've been put through three months of hell.

This country is going to the dogs and its justice system is a joke

Sussex Police would not discuss the case, but a spokesman said:

"An allegation was made to police and officers duly investigated."

Do the Sussex police not realise how ridiculous they look?

As said, we are building our own prison and shackles; brick by brick, link by link.

The one way to "motivate" tardy police to turn up to situations like this in the future, should you be very unfortunate to be involved in such a situation, is to tell them very firmly that you have called the media (tabloids, TV etc) and that there will be a pack of reporters outside your house showing it being attacked by yobs but without any form of police presence.

Let's see how speedy our local police are then at answering calls to such incidents!

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  1. Anonymous11:37 AM

    If you are going to get bum-raped by the system, at least make the most of it: club the scum senseless first!! It might think twice before doing it again.

    This country truly makes me want to vomit blood.

    Still, at least I only have four months left to serve in the zanuLab prison country. If you can, emigrate! There is no hope here for the decent and there never will be.

  2. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Good choice of image Ken. We are living in the village,surrounded by mad laws and governed by faceless bureaucrats in the EU and passively waiting for our numbered ID cards to complete the prison.

    I am not a number I am a free man, my life is my own...

    What was once 1960s science fiction is now reality.

  3. Anonymous11:41 AM


    I think you hint on the real problem; The kids that terrorise many areas of our once pleasant land know they cannot be touched.....In Nanny's world kids are never told no......All you need to remember today is, kids can do no wrong.

    The kids that are causing mayhem on our streets, are the kids of kids that have never known any form of discipline.

    At the end of the day, unless parents become parents again and teachers and policemen become authoritive figures again, we are doomed to more and more incidents of out of control kids. The rot set in when teachers wanted kids to call them by their first names and teachers wanted to be the pupil's peers....How can you lead a group of your peers and enforce discipline?

    Kids need firm fixed boundaries with consequences should those boundaries be crossed.

    Our senior police officers have become little more than politicians in uniform and the rank and file police officers are little more than social workers and administrators that have their hands tied by political correctness.

    The problem is that, the longer we allow the kids to run riot, the harder it will be to take back control of the streets, schools and homes.

    The gentleman that made the citizen's arrest should be given a medal....His treatment at the hands of the criminal justice system has sent out the message to the yobs, "You can't touch us." This is wrong and we need to put pressure on politicians at all levels to take back our streets and to send a message to the PC brigade, we have tried your way and it does not work, it is therefore time to turn the clock back.

  4. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Ring up the police & say you have a sworn-off shotgun and if the police don't get these kids away from my house within 5 minute, I'm going to blast the little twats head's off!

    Anyone seen that film Equilibrium?
    That's next, for this pathetic country! :(

    Steve, North London

  5. Having read the same article, I believe I remember Mr. McCourt saying that, no sooner had he grabbed the little twat by the collar, then - along with the police - the boy's mother mysteriously appeared, cursing a blue streak.

    No doubt she hadn't given a fark what her little hoodie was up to, so long as he was getting away with it. However, once he'd been "manhandled" she was cell phoned (or perhaps "texted") by one of his miscreant pals, and came running to his defense. So it's no surprise what a little species of shite she's raising. I hope those of you paying taxes in the UK enjoy supporting him for the duration of his natural term.

    Of course, one wishes the mother had been told by the cops that her vulgar spawn was being dragged off on some destruction of property charge, and that she'd be going along with him if she didn't clean up her language in public, but then again, to wish for such would be to dream of living under a sane regime, which, as we all know, is now a species of fascism, and what's worse, uncuddly.

    Building our own prision, indeed . . .

  6. Anonymous4:00 PM

    We can not afford to give up our right to self defense and defense of property to a government entity, because when they break their part of the bargain, and they will, we are up a creek without a .9mm.


  7. "An allegation was made to police and officers duly investigated."

    Actually, I have little problem with that. But I do have trouble with the methodology and results of the "investigation" and the Prosecution Service (have I got that at least nearly correct? CPS?) for bringing charges against him and actually trying to proceed to court. And worse, not bothering with any action against the thugs.

  8. Anonymous1:17 AM

    Britain is indeed done. Just stick in the fork! The US is fast approaching the same level of insaniity and in Canada the lunatics already run the nut house. Bureaucracy is the end of freedom.

  9. Anonymous3:38 PM

    Anonymous said, "Ring up the police & say you have a sworn-off shotgun and if the police don't get these kids away from my house within 5 minute, I'm going to blast the little twats head's off! "

    You do that, and, no matter how short-staffed the police claim they are, your address will be crawling with coppers within 5 minutes, including SWAT teams, dogs and helicopter patrols, to arrest YOU, and drag YOU through the courts! However, needless to say, the toe-rags responsible for you making that threat will not even receive a caution, after all, we cannot infringe the little dears' 'human rights' can we?

  10. Anonymous4:08 PM

    The police message since 1997 has been "We cannot protect you but we are going to make damn sure you do not protect yourselves. Any attempt to do so will be met with the full power of the law."

    Thus have the police largely alienated themselves from the law-abiding sections of the community whilst becoming fairly useless in tackling the criminal elements. They become more and more a force for the political state control of the people, many of them just as unhappy with this situation as we are.

  11. Anonymous11:21 AM

    Yes, Dixon of Dock Green, you've summed up everything that is wrong with policing in this country. Instead of these graduate entrants at the top, who wouldn't recognise one end of a truncheon from the other, what we need is someone like DCI Gene Hunt ("Life on Mars") in charge.

  12. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Good Job! :)