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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, October 23, 2009


The Torygraph claims that I have lost all sense of proportion:

"In its broader sense it can be used to describe any situation where a poster loses all sense of proportion, for example describing New Labour as 'Zanu-Labour' after Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwean political party Zanu-PF."

Could it be that the Torygraph hasn't bothered to read much of this site and hasn't managed to work out that I write, sometimes, with my tongue in cheek.

What say you my loyal readers?

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  1. I suspect the "Torygraph" would not exist today had it not been for their expenses series. A get out of bankrupcy card if ever there was one in my opinion.

    I agree with you Ken, I suspect they have not read much of your site, if they had they would have realised that most people on here appear to be right of centre, exactly the ground that we Conservatives used to occupy before we were hijacked by Mr Cameron-Blair.

  2. Purple People Eater12:52 PM

    Mod Cons and Nu-Lab.... What's not to like?
    I think they are jealous of the blogger's lexicon.

  3. Anonymous2:04 PM

    The author of the article missed "Anonymous's Law":

    Whenever one writes an article critical of others without actually understanding what they have to say, one makes an ass of oneself.

    Or you can reduce it to: when you assume you make an ass out of u * me.

  4. Fame at last Ken eh.

  5. Why not 'ZanuLabour'? The prime exposers of the parliamentary pig-trough obviously have no sense of irony.

  6. I note that today's Torygraph reports that a young man in the US was arrested for indecent exposure after getting up early in the morning (he claims it was still dark) to brew a pot of coffee. A woman and child passed by outside his home, saw him naked through the window (horor of horrors) and called the police.

    Uh, couldn't the mother have simply laughed off the incident with her child? And if the police had to respond, couldn't they have simply asked him to keep the curtains drawn while naked? And shouldn't you have the right to walk around naked in your own home, even if a pasersby might peek in and catch a glimpse?

    A breakdown of any sense of fair-mindedness, proportion -- and of course, humor -- all the way around, and further evidence of the globalization of Nanny.

  7. Black Sea;

    Had it been a man with a child looking in on a naked woman, he would have been arrested for being a peeping Tom!!

    The more scary fact about this case was that the woman was taking a short cut across the man's property, so she was in fact tresspassing.....I wonder if this type of case is a sign of things to come in the USA, now that they have a socialist in charge in the guise of St Barrack of Obama because, after all, with socialism comes political correctness, crazy nonsensical laws and eventually, bankruptcy

  8. Julius Caesar10:54 AM

    In that case, the woman should have been the one interviewed by the police! Surely, how one dresses, or not, in one's own home is nobody else's business. This just shows how one-sided many of these laws are and, what's the betting the same would happen here in similar circumstances?