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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Nanny 9-5

Rules and regulations, mixed with an edifying dose of inflexibility, are Nanny's tools of trade, as Rita Longbottom discovered to her cost recently.

Mrs Longbottom, a dementia sufferer in her 80's, lived in sheltered housing scheme in Anchor Court Southport.

One afternoon she wanted to come back into the complex, having forgotten her key. However, owing to EU working laws, the live in warden was not allowed to be contacted by the managers (Anchor) of the complex (in order to open the door) because the law states that the warden must have an 11 hour break between shifts.

The result being that Mrs Longbottom had to wait outside for 6 hours (Anchor claim she "only" waited for 2 hours) whilst a locksmith was summoned by Anchor from several miles away.

Residents at the complex pay £28K for the warden to live on site.

There are a number of points that arise here:

1 It is fair enough that the warden has time off, otherwise people would end up taking advantage with endless petty requests. However, in this particular case, some commonsense should have been shown.

2 Errm...given that the neighbours were the ones who contacted Anchor, to let Mrs Rowbottom in, why didn't anyone of them let her sit in one of their houses whilst waiting for the locksmith?

Whatever happened to commonsense?

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  1. Maybe the neighbours couldn't let the old lady into their own houses because they hadn't had all the necessary criminal record checks, and if they did the rozzers would have been around to arrest them?

  2. Common sense died a long while ago. His obituary is here:

  3. I suspect the management organisation has been cost cutting.....Many of this type of sheltered housing complexes had more than one warden, so as one warden came off duty, another came on duty. Most of the wardens that I have came into contact with in the past through my professional career were very caring and decent and I doubt would have refused to let an elderly person stay outside because they had locked theirself out....If this was the warden's own decision, I suggest they apply to the prison service for a job, their attitude of the answer's no, now what is the question is more suited to that kind of institution, not an elderly care home/sheltered housing complex..
    Commonsense is no longer common.....Nanny has almost completely culled it.

    Enjoy commonsense responsibly.

  4. smithy2:25 PM

    Sorry to go off topic Ken, but this made me howl with laughter...

    A report by Sir Christopher Kelly has recommended severe (very severe) cuts to what MPs can claim in expenses etc.

    When I saw the following comment from one rather aggrieved MP I just fell about laughing:-

    "I just don't believe that Kelly lives in the real world"

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee......

    The same MP, Roger Gale (Con), also said:-

    "I've heard one comment, which I think is absolutely ludicrous, to the effect that apparently somebody living an hour's train ride from London will not be allowed to have a base in London"

    That'll annoy a lot of commuters I know.

    'Real World' indeed !

  5. Anonymous5:09 PM

    Roger Gale - another troughing parasite. My missus makes a round trip of 4 hours per day to London to work our taxes support cosseted scum like him. Vote anyone but the main three next time round. Sweep the scum out.

  6. David J Hilton8:41 PM

    ZaNu Labour killed common sense the day they got into power

  7. Ken

    As your "The Danger of Poles" post was about a man in Wigan and the Wigan council, I copied it and posted it on our Wigan blog

    I posted a link. Thank you. Hope you don't mind.

  8. Anonymous1:01 PM

    We don't have "common sense" anymore. it was bred out of children over the last 40 years and now we see the results. the adults are largely from that era, although I am surprised at the number of ill mannered elderly people who should know better.


  9. Julius Caesar1:50 PM

    This case shows clearly the kind of heartless jobsworths running our local 'services'. Anyone with an ounce of compassion would have bent over backwards to help Mrs Longbottom. W*****s!