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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Dangers of Scouting

Baden Powell
I see that Nanny is trying to fiddle with boy scouts again.

This time her fiddling concerns the annual jamboree of around 10,000 scouts from around the world, a highlight of the scout calendar.

The event, despite being held for the last 90 years, is likely to suffer from Nanny's new laws regarding the interaction of adults with children.

Nanny now requires that adults who seek to interact with children register their details for background checks etc.

All very well, maybe, except for a small problem wrt the annual jamboree; there are 2,000 volunteers who help out at this event.

At £64 per head this amounts to a nice £128K potential money earner for Nanny. Doubtless she is licking her thin, sallow, lifeless, blood drained lips at the prospect!

However, the Scout Association is less than happy with this and is considering not bothering with the event. They are trying to see if Nanny will be reasonable and are writing to Ed Balls, the Children's Secretary, asking him to consider more flexibility for volunteer groups.

Pardon me whilst I choke on my early morning gin!

Nanny, being flexible!

No chance, lack of flexibility is her raison d'etre.

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  1. We must remove this perverted notion by Nanny that every adult that comes into contact with children should be treated with suspicion. The problem is, in true stalinist style, anyone that suggests such a thing is instantly said to be in favour of harming children....The logic; You don't support even more draconian measures therefore you don't care about them and therefore support harming kids.....This type of logic is used to silence so many ordinary decent people in our country now and we really need to stop the lunatics from being in charge.....This country has become a very shabby, seedy unpleasant place where all adults are deemed to be sex offenders and most of it is down to Nanny.

    Use logic responsibly.

  2. Julius Caesar10:46 AM

    Why can't these t*****s keep their unwanted noses out of other peoples' business? There are plenty of real problems that need dealing with, but they seem to prefer to go for easy targets and spoil other people's enjoyment in the process.

  3. They should not be writing to the Balls man asking for a favour, that is just playing the game their way.

    They should completely ignore nannys rules and hold the event anyway.

    I wonder if the whole thing would be broken up by a bunch of batton wielding coppers and all 2000 volunteers would be arrested.

    Probably, but it would be good for public opinion

  4. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Whilst blaming Nanny for this sad state of affairs, we should also point the rather large finger of blame at certain tabloid newspapers who have stoked up such paranoia in certain sections of the population, that the politicians felt they had to act, and act they do. Badly as it may be.

  5. Anonymous - You are quite right that the media should shoulder a large portion of the blame, however, I would not credit the polotitians with "feeling they had to act". Those in power are only too pleased to act when it furthers their adgenda of increasing revenues and taking away a little bit more freedom.

  6. Anonymous12:48 PM

    Along with global warming and green taxes this is just another revenue raiser for the nanny state. Trouble is, people accept it all and pay up instead of telling Nanny to fuck right off.

  7. the man from UNCLE2:19 PM

    We host foriegn students. Naturally,nanny views my wife and I as slavering child molesters that must be fingerprinted and dna'd plus have our home inspected before we can do this anymore.

    Net result, won't be doing it next year. The English language school we host kids for is facing a big problem in that many other parents are now refusing to fork out for the latest intrusion into our lives and as a result they will struggle to place the kids in safe family run homes.

  8. Grant2:19 PM

    How many of the 10000 'children' come from other countries and have people accompanying them to the UK? Will those people also have to have checks?

    My plan B would be to move the entire shindig to another country and tell Nanny what she can do with her checks.

    Actually the scouts could offer to run the country during bob-a-job week and save us all money by doing a deal with MPs about giving up their salaries for the period of absence.

    My guess is they could not do a worse job - if indeed there is a job to do.

  9. We cant have all these unvetted people scouting for boys. They might find some.

  10. skydog7:53 PM

    Grant:'How many of the 10000 'children' come from other countries and have people accompanying them to the UK? Will those people also have to have checks?'

    As a bus driver for a large national company we have to submit to the indignity of a CRB check as shock horror! kids use the bus! Otherwise, we can be given the order of the boot if we refuse.

    Oddly, those drivers from such diverse places as Poland/E.Europe, Asia and Africa cannot be vetted so ... they are exempted. I kid you not. Radovan Karadicz could get a job driving with our firm no problem seeing as he's not been found guilty of genocide or war crimes against kids ...

  11. Grant8:03 PM


    Your tale is one of those that one could readily believe to be an urban myth ...

    Sadly it has all the hallmarks of being a modern truth tale no matter from where it presented.

    Written in the way it is and presented by your good self I have no doubt that it is true and but the tip of a bureaucratic iceberg of stupidity and failure of forethought that will soon lead this country into the position of a fourth world state.

    How on earth has it come to this and so quickly?

  12. Anonymous9:16 AM

    What, 128k quid and no "Ker Farking Ching"?