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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Prats of The Week - CPS

Prats of The Week
Well done the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) for swathing themselves in glory and winning "Prats of The Week"!

For reasons best known to themselves they chose to prosecute Renate Bowling, a 71 year old disabled widow from Lancashire, for poking a 17 year old male in the chest.

Mrs Bowling poked and shouted at the male because he had been throwing stones at her windows.

The CPS were peeved because she refused to stop prodding him when an officer arrived.

Mrs Bowling noted:

"I feel like the victim in all of this - I have been called a German whore in the street, and my windows are always getting pelted with stones."

Mrs Bowling left Germany in 1945 and settled in the UK; she has three children who served in the Army, and suffers from osteoporosis, curvature of the spine and diabetes.

Clearly she is a major threat to the safety of any 17 year old male!

The CPS, well deserving "Prats of the Week".

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  1. I've seen this one on the news and in the papers and cant quite get my head round it. Not only was she arrested but the CPS went on record saying that they were correct in prosecuting her (and not the yobs)
    It seems likely that she was arrested and prosecuted for her defiance and unwillingness to admit she had done something wrong (when she hadnt).
    Isnt it only fascist states where disagreeing with the gestapo is a criminal offence.
    No wonder yobs and chavs beleive they are invincible. They are never touched by the law but if you stand up to them, you get nicked. It must be great to have the entire British police force and justice system watching your back. You can pick a fight with anyone and big brother bobby will help you out.

  2. John B Stryge11:08 AM

    Do people join the various branches of Nanny's service because they are born with a cranio-rectal inversion, or do they have to have it done surgically?

  3. Anonymous11:08 AM

    PC Plod is just that PC. The whole country is fucked now and with the EU sell out almost complete it is time to leave, while we are still allowed to.

  4. Its all part of Nanny's plan to frighten the public. We used to know what the law was and we used to know that an objective decision was made about right and wrong. Today we all fear falling foul of one of Nanny's many new laws which, often are interpretted to protect the very people that should be pursued.
    Of course, I suspect the woman in question had some money and therefore it was a nice, easy, and not too dangerous kerching oh, and the Brucie bonus; Another lot of DNA and finger prints on Nanny's database.....She needs to do this type of thing because, how else will she be able to get ordinary law abiding people onto the said database?

    Keep the population frightened and they are easier to control!!


  5. Julius Caesar11:51 AM

    This case, alas, is typical of so-called 'law and order' in this country. Criminals, hooligans and yobs are not only able, but encouraged by a politically correct legal system, constabulary and judiciary, which turns a blind eye and often justifies their foul behaviour, whilst at the same time the full force of the law is used against any decent person or persons who have the timerity to stand up to these scum.

  6. Anonymous1:00 PM

    The inmates are running the asylum

  7. Anonymous1:36 PM

    Little old geezer looks out of the bedroom window late at night and sees some scumbag yobs stealing from his garden shed. He phones the police only to be told 'sorry, there is no-one available'

    Five minutes later he phones the police again and says "It's OK I've shot the little buggers with me shotgun"

    Three minutes later six police cars, a police van and the police helicopter arrive - and actually manage to catch the yobs red handed.

    Police sergeant says to the little old geezer "I thought you said you'd shot them"

    Geezer replies "I thought you lot said there was no-one available"

  8. Anonymous2:13 PM

    "Please be seated valued citizen and ready yourself to absorb today's news, today being 21st October 2029.

    Remember, failure to comply promptly will result in a 10 Euro fine.

    As you will be aware from the last BBITVSky news update, Mrs Claire Roberts (59) from Lancashire, in the EU State of England was arrested for offending a 17 year old male. Her crime was refusing to have sex with him, and then compounding the offence by struggling whilst said pillar of the youth community enjoyed his rightful spoils.

    You, dear citizen, will be pleased to hear that Mrs Roberts has been sentenced to 12 years hard labour for her crimes.

    The 17 year old male (who must remain anonymous for legal reasons), has been given 10 hours of counselling and a free holiday to the EU State of Spain for four weeks to help him overcome his trauma.

    Bulletin over, you may leave now, dear citizen. STAY VIGILANT!"

  9. smithy3:45 PM

    More Prats of the Week, the PRS:-


    (Lifted from the BBC website)

    A shop assistant who was told she could not sing while she stacked shelves without a performance licence has been given an apology.

    Sandra Burt, 56, who works at A&T Food store in Clackmannanshire, was warned she could be fined for her singing by the Performing Rights Society (PRS).

    However the organisation that collects royalties on behalf of the music industry has now reversed its stance.

    They have sent Mrs Burt a bouquet of flowers and letter of apology.

    Mrs Burt, who describes herself as a Rolling Stones fan, said that despite the initial warning from the PRS, she had been unable to stop herself singing at work.

    They would need to put a plaster over my mouth to get me to stop, I can't help it

    Sandra Burt
    Singing shop worker
    The village store where Mrs Burt works was contacted by the PRS earlier this year to warn them that a licence was needed to play a radio within earshot of customers.

    When the shop owner decided to get rid of the radio as a result, Mrs Burt said she began singing as she worked.

    She told the BBC news website: "I would start to sing to myself when I was stacking the shelves just to keep me happy because it was very quiet without the radio.

    "When I heard that the PRS said I would be prosecuted for not having a performance licence, I thought it was a joke and started laughing.

    "I was then told I could be fined thousands of pounds. But I couldn't stop myself singing.

    "They would need to put a plaster over my mouth to get me to stop, I can't help it."

    In response to the furore created by their initial hardline, the PRS contacted Mrs Burt to apologise.

    In a note attached to a large bouquet of flowers they said: "We're very sorry we made a big mistake.

    "We hear you have a lovely singing voice and we wish you good luck."


    Keep creating a 'furore' with Nanny's trolls Ken - it's the only way they then think about applying common sense !

  10. Lord of Atlantis3:55 PM

    Although I am no fan of many of the things that the American authoriyties do, I believe that it's high time that chief constables, judges and those running public bodies like the CPS were elected, as they are in the U.S.A. That way, they might actually start responding to the needs of ordinary people, instead of this political correctness crap!

  11. Anonymous7:02 PM

    It's getting so that a self respecting thug cannot walk the streets in safety... Pension Day's the worst, these senile delinquents blow the lot on tea, sugar, a tin of fish for the cat!

  12. Anonymous8:27 PM

    Clearly, the old woman was not a threat to a fit 17 year old. Why? Because he could have flattened her if he decided to.

    Now what if he had decided to do that, hmm?

    A lot of old woman (and old men for that matter) can be just as unpleasant and bullying as when they were younger. Not in this case, necessarily, but how come any young man who _does_ push back is a thug, and should be thrown in jail, but if he _doesn't_ push back, he's a laughable figure for not defending himself like he's quite capable of?

    Either there's a law which doesn't allow for anyone pushing anyone else around, or it's every man for himself. In which case, we'd all be saying what a rotten bastard this 17 year old was for pushing over an old woman who'd been prodding him.

    Personally, again, I wouldn't go slapping some 6-foot skinhead and then complain I'm a 5'2" slight woman. I'd expect trouble if I did that, which is why I wouldn't do it.

  13. Anonymous10:26 PM

    1. Is it in the public interest?
    2. Can we be sure of securing a conviction?

    I fail to see how this is in the public interest - unless the public interest now includes criminalising everyone for standing up for themselves.

    But it's easy to see how this conviction was soooooo easy to achieve.Bingo! Another box ticked then. It would have involved LOADS more work to apprehend and prosecute the yob who has been harassing this poor lady.

    So it must be in the 'public interest' at least to silence decent citizens....

    Welcome to the StasiUK.