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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Dangers of Teaspoons

Tea Danger
I see that Nanny's prats in the supermarkets are up to their old tricks again.

This time Tesco, a store mentioned on this site on more than one occasion, has caused Emma Sheppard some degree of annoyance.

Ms Sheppard (21) was doing some shopping in Tesco Evesham, and included within her trolley a packet of teaspoons.

Can you guess what happened next children?

Yes, that's right, Tesco demanded to see proof of age from Ms Sheppard.

For why?

Well my loyal readers it seems that, in Tesco's eyes, teaspoons are dangerous and as such you need to be over 25 in order to buy them.

Ms Sheppard didn't have any id on her, and therefore was banned from buying the teaspoons.

The Nanny state robs people of their common sense and their liberties.

Tesco clearly needs to be dealt with in a manner that hurts them where they feel the most pain; in their bottom line.

Boycott Tesco!

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  1. Nanny puts into place crazy rules, some almost make sense; restricting whom can buy knives and whom can buy booze however, it is the likes of Tescos and other patronising organisations that really take it upon themselves to push the boundaries of stupidity.
    Just as a matter of interest, will Nanny introduce a mandatory sentence of five years for anyone carrying a tea spoon;-)

    I see that Sainsburys has jumped on the Nanny bandwagon, a deli drone wouldn't sell a piece of cheese to a pregnant woman until she promised not to eat any of it because it might harm the unborn child......I'm afraid had I found myself on the end of such a patronising deli drone, I would have asked why someone that was clearly medically qualified and able to give out such advice, was working on the local deli counter and not as a GP.

    I don't know what has happened to our nation. Last night I watched TV and during EVERY commercial break was a message from Nanny.....How much is this propaganda costing us?....I find it offensive and believe it is wrong, for example, to get children to emotionally blackmail adults to stop doing the perfectly legal activity of smoking.....I am not a smoker myself, but I object to this type of emotional blackmail.....In fact, I would go as far as to say its exploitation of children.

    "Sarah" in the current Sainsburys advert even ups her status by claiming to be able to drink a sample because she is "on duty" Ermmm Sarah, you are not on duty, you are at work!!!!

  2. Whooops Typo

    In my last paragraph, able should read unable......Sorry.

  3. I have totally avoided Tescos ever since they asked for government intervention on booze prices.

    Tonk - That smoking advert you refer to makes me change the station whenever it comes on. Not because it makes me feel guilty about smoking but because its annoying and patronising. I just want to say "Shut TF up kid. What do you know!"
    There are going to be a lot more nanny adverts in the run up to the election. Its an easy way for them to be seen to be doing something in the eyes of the sheep.
    On the way to work I was warned about Salt, Level crossings, and Hepititis C.

    Its so annoying it makes me want to give them a right good spooning!

  4. archroy11:40 AM

    Tonk said "... I would have asked why someone that was clearly medically qualified and able to give out such advice, was working on the local deli counter and not as a GP."

    Whereupon she would have pointed out some mealy-mouthed notice about "our staff" not having to put up with "abuse" from customers and called security.

  5. I too read the article about the cheese harridan at Sainsburys. As it happened, she was speaking utter bollocks. The cheese that was requested by the pregnant customer was of no danger to "the unborn."

    Intrusive arrogance combined with blind ignorance, the two prerequisites for Nanny's minions.

  6. John B Stryge1:54 PM

    Ms Sheppard didn't have any id on her, and therefore was banned from buying the teaspoons.

    Someone in Tesco has clearly been watching too much of Alan Rickman's Sheriff in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves.

  7. Anonymous2:07 PM

    I would avoid Tesco, but the others are no better. Asda and Sainsbury's have both been mentioned with similar idiocy, and I don't doubt Morrisons et al are as equally anal with teaspoons.

    Now there's a thought!

  8. microdave2:07 PM

    I see that Sainsbury's have given an apology regarding the "Cheese" incident.

    Lets see if Tesco's will do the same.

    Exactly which law are they invoking here?
    Surely they can't be claiming that teaspoons are in the same league as large knives, chemicals, explosives etc.

    I could do someone an injury by whacking them around the head with a frozen baguette!!!

  9. Anonymous4:08 PM

    I'm afraid that it is here to stay. Low education standards do not help but I fear something more in this. Far too many big companies are fawning over these corrupt politicians these days so we are bombarded whilst shopping with the stupid adverts and equally stupid assistants toeing the party line. The companies should be standing up to government of whatever shade and doing their job. It does make me think of the difference between communism and fascism, the communists took over all the firms and cooked the books, the other lot, just as bad, worked with the companies and we know where that led.

  10. Seek assistance" when buying a 60p junior hacksaw on a self-checkout at ASDA last week.

    The assistant had the common sense to touch "Proof of age not required" after going into Staff settings.

  11. skydog8:18 AM

    FFS! This is getting beyond even farce.

  12. Julius Caesar3:20 PM

    I never patronise Tescos for a variety of reasons: reading this, I am convinced I have made a wise decision, although it is clear that other supermarkets are equally capable of Nanny state lunacy.

  13. I bought a cheap Chef's Kitchen knife from Tesco today. As I wandered around having read the satement about not selling knoves to anyone under 18 I wondered why under 18s are recruited to the Army and trained to use weapons and what would happen to a young person living alone just prior to their 18th birthday - perhaps a clever person arriving at university early. Would they be unable to buy a knife to prepare food or to eat with? Or teaspoons to make a cup of coffee?

    So I got the checkout and the middle aged lady could easily tell (sadly) that I am somewhat over 18 and failed to asked form proof of age. However the security tag thing on the knife packaging proved reluctant to disengage and in the end her efforts meant that she handed me an unpackaged knife which immediately made its way through the plastic bags carrying the other shopping. Probably a good sign for a knife ....

    Somehow I managed to avoid running amok with the unprotected knife on the way back to the car and is now in the dishwasher being prepared for first use as intended. Phew.

    I have a feeling that any little scrote having nefarious designs on obtaining a knife with a 6 inch blade would hardly be bothered about going through the checkout at Tesco or any other supermarket. Forcing retailers to enact stupid laws is something we should abhor as a remo0val of personal responsibility. Once removed individuals will feel no responsibility at all.

    Verification word is "drole".

    Are we being monitored?

  14. Julius Caesar2:14 PM

    Grant said...
    "...I have a feeling that any little scrote having nefarious designs on obtaining a knife with a 6 inch blade would hardly be bothered about going through the checkout at Tesco or any other supermarket...."

    Too right: they would just steal the item, after all, there is little chance of them being punished, even if they should be unlucky enough to be caught.

  15. Must of thought I was going to go on a mad rampage around my town with teaspoons with my other half & child in toll!

  16. Anonymous10:01 PM

    I'm a dangerous woman: my scones can kill when dropped from a high rise building. Will Sainsbury's be implicated in the crime for selling me the flour and butter which make my deadly weapons?

    God, if you didn't laugh, you'd cry...