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Monday, October 12, 2009

Veni Vidi Vici

Veni Vidi ViciMy thanks to Guy Leven-Torres MA (Hons), FSEFA for providing me with this example of Nannyism, relating to an incident with some metal armour, from the world of Experimental Field Archaeology.

I have reproduced it in full, without any edits:

"If you teach national history, outside the curriculum, you are being political! Sounds dangerous...Could be seen as a Hitler Youth!

A cloud has hung over Legio IX Hispana for nearly two years and would have put us out of business if it had succeeded.......I have not until now been able to write about it due to legal necessities.

Above in the title are the words spoken to me yesterday by a Leftwing academic I know who is 'most concerned' about advanced plans to turn the Archaeological society Legio IX Hispana (V), otherwise known as the Society of Experimental Field Archaeology into an institution that compliments access to knowledge and training, for anybody from ages 16 to Pensionable age. We cannot take anybody under 16 years now, due to the hideous regulations laid down by the paedophile obsessed, homo- loving, marriage hating paranoid EU inspired State Directives, that are the reality behind the Children’s Act and the Criminal Records Bureau and soon to be ISA that replaces it with even more draconian idiocy. In short the EuroState is after your children and does not want you to have any say in the matter.

If you do not believe me, look only to the uproar last week over two police officers, both women refused permission to look after their own children. A few months ago a woman friend of my family, was refused permission by the local Surrey County Council to travel in the back of a taxi, with her own child until she was 'cleared to do so by the CRB'. The taxi was provided by Surrey Education to get the disabled child to school for 'special needs'. Her case is far from alone.

At our annual AGM last night, we decided that we could not afford the costs and risks of allowing any person under 16 years to join. The costs involved, to have all adult Members and Fellows vetted, would amount to thousands of pounds, money we do not have. We already pay out over £2,000 per annum for Insurance policies due to the ‘Elf n Safety’ Gestapo. Last year a yob punched a legionary in full armour (18swg) and broke his wrist. The teenage pupil was at one of our shows we do every year for a Water Board. The 15 years old boy asked if the re-enactor's armour was plastic. He was told it was heavy steel but he then assaulted the poor man, who of course felt nothing but found himself staring down at a youth rolling on the ground in agony with a broken wrist.

The teacher in charge of his group, scolded our Member for wearing ‘dangerous real armour’ and we faced several months of hell- 32 letters, threats, and finally a hearing in court against a professional Barrister, funded by a local authority claiming damages for the incident in favour of the boy, who stood to one side of the court grinning at the victim of his assault. The case has cost us £3,200 in time and finally engaging a Solicitor, who agreed to waive most of the other fees. He was as incensed as we were.

Last week, the Recorder threw the case out with the remark to the young man, ‘If you are so stupid as to punch steel plate, when not only a clear warning was given but only a complete idiot would not see that the armour was real, then you deserve what happened to you, no matter how painful!'

The Recorder has not left matters there and has ordered the teacher to appear before him to answer, 'Why you pursued such an obvious idiotic case? My colleagues and I are tired of these obviously politically motivated claims placed before the courts!' The Barrister and her Solicitor, are also under investigation for bringing the 'Law into disrepute'. The Barrister, a real little 'Madame' was told off in front of us all with the words, 'Why was this case brought at all? I do not wish to see you here before me again and I will be writing to your chambers!' We have been awarded £5,000 costs. The woman had tried to get me to settle 'damages' out of court before we went in, telling me that ‘You have not a hope Mr Leven-Torres!'

We won and she has arranged to pay us within the next few days. Common Sense is a rare commodity nowadays. I also informed the court about her bullying before we went in for the hearing. I am trained in Common Law and have proved a second time that it is still the Law of the land. Previously we had three women Recorders who seem to side with the plaintiff despite our protests, by refusing to allow us to give evidence, until finally we obtained a solicitor known to me for years. It worries me that women 'judges' automatically seem to side with yobs. Why? What is their motive? Gender and politics have no place in Justice!

What we want to do, is to turn Legio IX into a kind of adult 'boy-scouts' institution, where youngsters and the not so young, can have their brains unscrambled, be taught real history and a healthy respect for authority and Queen and Country free of all the Gramscian PC garbage foisted upon them at school. We will also teach them self -respect, their country’s real heritage but also a little drill that will produce the desired effect. We started a month or so ago and two mothers have telephoned us today, to say that their sons loved it. 'He is a different child!' said one... 'He has not stopped talking about it!' The boy is nearly 18 years old and the difference is amazing. He came to us dishevelled and sullen but we put him through his paces and the change that quickly came upon him was stunning, as he discovered his strengths through the challenges we gave him.
We taught him ancient drill and weapons handling (wooden swords), mock combat, even allowing him to takeover a squad of legionaries. He is now far more confident, better dressed and very much more outgoing after languishing for years in local comprehensive. We also teach map reading with the archaeological orienteering.

Yet there is a sinister cloud looming. An academic colleague is reporting us to the CRB as an ‘unauthorised child training facility that must be regulated!’ He added that

'If you teach national history, outside the curriculum, you are being political! Sounds dangerous...Could be seen as a Hitler Youth!'

God give us strength! Nobody escapes the PC Inquisition! Nobody! Why can they not just leave people alone?

Dr Goebbels would be proud!

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  1. Tonk.1:00 PM

    To my mind, this piece sums up, very clearly, all that is wrong in our country at the moment.

  2. Anonymous2:08 PM

    All that is wrong with this country is that is controlled by the EU.

  3. Anonymous2:22 PM

    re: Tonk. said...

    "To my mind, this piece sums up, very clearly, all that is wrong in our country at the moment."

    What, that we have busy body morons interfering with the personal lives of adults OR that we have bunches of grown men dressing up as Roman soldiers and playing with wooden swords?

    Personally, I'm not sure of which group I'm more aghast at! ;)

  4. Anonymous2:28 PM

    "All that is wrong with this country is that is controlled by the EU."

    Which we in the UK help to create by voting for MEPs?

    If you want to blame anybody, blame the media in this country for following every detail of the British and Scottish parliaments, but not covering the activities of the EU at all. We hear all about proposed new laws for the UK all the time, what about in the EU? Nothing at all. If only the media reported it, perhaps it wouldn't seem like we're living in a puppet state controlled by a stateless bureaucracy.

    I repeat, all these laws from the EU have to pass though OUR MEPs, that we vote for. If we don't like it, then we aren't we doing more about it, like we do with our local MPs?

  5. The teacher in charge of his group, scolded our Member for wearing ‘dangerous real armour’...

    Is that why the MOD supplied useless crappy armour to soldiers? To avert the danger that comes with wearing real armour?

    Last week, the Recorder threw the case out...

    Should be the AG. I can't recall the last time I read about a court case like this and mentally cheered at the result. It's like nutting a wall and blaming the bricks. From the way it ended though you can tell that it in no way means Britain has turned a corner.

  6. The Recorder in this case (apparently, a judge of some sort) deserves praise for his clear-eyed, common sense and no bullshit approach frivilous lawsuits of this kind. There are a great many more plaintiffs who need to be told that it was their own stupidity and recklessness that led to their injury, and they can best approach this experience as a lesson learned.

    He'll probably be off the bench the soon enough. You know that Nanny won't tolerate honesty and competence in her minions.

  7. They sound like Dad's Army in Roman dress.

  8. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Well done the Recorder, I wish there were more like him.
    As to the EU rules and regulations. forget the MEPs, they are just high paid ghosts giving a spurious look of democracy to the EU. Look rather at our very own MPs, they connived at the EU coming into being and lied to us all along the way. Some, if not all, knew what the aim was, a single EUropean state and they welcomed it.

  9. Julius Caesar11:34 AM

    I find the intollerance towards 'Legio IX Hispana' extremely disturbing. What better way to teach history than through re-enactments such as this? Surely, it is a much better approach than the dumbed-down politically correct garbage produced by our so-called
    'education' system? The attitude of the 'academics' and others involved in this case speaks volumes about what is wrong with this country.
    As far as punching metal armour goes, Anyone with half a brain cell would know that such an action was not a good idea, and that it would hurt. So, it is quite right that the yob who did so did not receive a penny. And why the hell should he have? He started the trouble. By rights the little scrote should have been the one in court, for assault!
    The only member of the
    'establishment' to come out of this business with any credit at all, is the recorder, who deserves the highest praise. The behaviour of the person who has taken it upon themselves to report things to the CRB is symptomatic of the nasty, spiteful way these people behave, when they don't get their own way, rather like babies throwing their rattles out of the pram, except that, unlike babies, these 'people' are capable of much harm. All they have achieved is to deny many children of the opportunity to gain an insight into real history.