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Friday, October 30, 2009

Nanny Bans Parents

Nanny Is Mother, Nanny Is Father
All adult are paedophiles, unless they can prove otherwise and are supervised, that appears to be the message from Nanny.

Parents in Watford have discovered this to their cost recently as the council, under the auspices of Mayor Dorothy Thornhill, have banned them from watching their own children at two council play areas (Harwoods and Harebreaks recreation grounds).

Nanny will place "vetted" council staff ("play rangers") in charge. The mayor says that this enforces government policy.

"Enforced government policy"!

That says it all, doesn't it?

Councils are now the "enforcers" of the state, they no longer act in the interest of the people who elect them.

Mayor Thornhill is quoted in the Watford Observer:

"Sadly, in today's climate, you can't have adults walking around unchecked in a children's playground."

Here's why she is clueless, and is talking absolute bollocks:

1 If you can't trust the parents (from a normal non feral family), who exactly are you meant to trust?

2 Parents have been supervising their own children for the last 150,000 years or so, without the need for state interference. Why now do we need it?

3 Is the Mayor familiar with the Salem Witch Trials? Does she not see the parallels between that and today's paranoia whipped up by a moronic mainstream media, compliant politicians and feeble minded councils?

4 Who gave this council the right to ban parents from overseeing their own children?

5 By stating that all adults (including parents) are potential paedophiles the state is placing a very large barrier between adults and children, making the children afraid of all adults. What kind of a world is being created here, where children are afraid of all adults?

6 Why should people trust the state to be in any shape or form involved in the upbringing of their children?

7 Why is the woman allowed out in public without adult supervision?

8 There is no "official" government policy that states parents may not supervise their own children. Please could Mayor Thornhill state which piece of legislation she is referring to?

What kind of a world have we created for children where they must now fear every adult they meet?

Since the media got wind of the story, the council have attempted to claim that there is no ban:

"The press have inaccurately reported what Harwoods and Harebreaks are; they are not open public facilities. They never have been. They are closed, fully supervised facilities.

They are no different to other fully supervised facilities, like schools, playgroups or nurseries - where adults are not allowed to stay.

Parents and carers are, of course, welcome to bring their children safely into the sites and settle them in

Read the above carefully, and you will see that there is a ban; all the council have done is to "recategorise" the area as a "closed facility".

Not only do they ban parents, but when confronted the squirm and lie!

Why, if these really were closed facilities, were parents allowed in before?

Lies from start to finish!

Mayor Thornhill, and her "witch burning" council lackeys, need to removed from their offices without delay.

Mayor Thornhill claims to be a Liberal Democrat, snort!

Here is her email address


Just arrived in my email box from Watford:

"Dear Ken

The Mayor is not in the office today and I'm sure will email you herself, but I wanted to reassure you that she's not taken leave of her senses, and contrary to reports in the media, Watford Borough Council has not banned parents from public parks and playgrounds in the town!

This is about our adventure playgrounds, which are closed-off, fenced-in, fully supervised facilities for the over 5s. Parents drop off their kids and leave them in our care - no different to playgroups or schools where you wouldn't expect parents stay on. We have a responsibility to those parents to safeguard their children, and provide the best possible environment for them.

What has happened is that at Harwoods adventure playground a handful of parents have been staying on, not just dropping their children off. Staff that run the facility felt they were getting in the way and diverting their attention away from focusing entirely on the children in their care - who are enjoying more adventurous risky play, not just the usual slides and swings. They’ve now reluctantly decided its best to exclude these parents, and have brought the site in line with the other site Harebreaks, where parents don't stay on and they have no problems.

Quotes attributed to Dorothy have been taken out of context – she's not saying adults shouldn’t be allowed on playgrounds - that would go against everything she believes in – only on these specialised play facilities! And parents are allowed to come in and settle their children in, it's just not ideal that they hang around (and most don't), unless of course they become proper volunteers. We have 40 open public playgrounds elsewhere in the Borough where adults can stay and play with their children.

She's absolutely not a nanny state supporter!

Best wishes,

Political assistant to the elected mayor
Watford Borough Council

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  1. Although I repeat my thoughts that often it is the officers of the council that are the problem, rather than the political colour of the council, in this case, it appears the councillor is the problem.

    I wonder why the LibDems are so named, given that they are neither liberal nor democratic ....Actually, while we're at it, just what is the purpose of the LibDems....Perhaps given that this council appeared to lie and squirm when found out, just like most politicians, perhaps FibDems would be a more appropriate name.

  2. Anonymous2:32 PM

    I should have realised from the start that this is "Lib-Dum" territory, typical attitude. The only thing they are liberal with is other people's money, they use it like drunken sailors....well perhaps that isn't fair to drunken sailors, on reflection.


  3. Anonymous3:04 PM

    Nice update.


    What's that sound you ask? Why that's the council back-pedalling furiously past us!

  4. Tonk.3:31 PM

    Interesting update.

    Isn't safeguard a horrible word?

    My favourite quote from the Email about what the children are doing in the adventure playground;

    "who are enjoying more adventurous risky play"

    All that quote needs to make it sound authentic Nanny state is the word responsibly;

    Enjoy more adventurous, risky play reponsibly.

    I thought Nanny and her little helpers have eliminated all risk from children's lives....Could this project be the first green shoots of recovery for our nation?

  5. Julius Caesar2:07 PM

    This is, as has been rightly pointed out, yet another attempt to demonise decent parents, and is just the kind of thing that resulted in the Salem witch trials.
    The latter occurred in a supposedly free, democratic country, founded by people who had fled there to avoid persecution by the state, if my recollection of early U.S history is correct, and more recently (the 1950s I think) the 'land of freedom' also gave us political persecution in the form of McCarthyism. What is nuLabour up to, are they trying to catch up?