Nanny Knows Best

Nanny Knows Best
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Saturday, January 02, 2010


Fining people for ending up drunk in hospital?

Errmm...don't we pay National Insurance (the greatest con trick perpetrated on the British people in 60 years) to cover hospital treatment?

Will Nanny be fining us for eating too much fat in the future?

What an absurd policy!

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  1. microdave6:20 PM

    "Will Nanny be fining us for eating too much fat in the future?"

    Quite possibly, but in the mean time she is going to impose a £15 "Victim Support" surcharge on millions of extra people:

  2. Hmmm, and what about the victims of unscrupulous politicians how have been unfairly taxed and received nothing in return.
    What the politicians' victims who have been defrauded out of millions of pounds in expenses. The leader of which had claimed £3000 to have his toilet decorated and claimed £600 for having his Summer House painted despite being provided with two grace and favour homes. he also owns an investment property done-up at his victims' expense and is being rented out for profit

  3. The thing that is most depressing about this proposal, is that it comes from the party that used to be The Conservative Party; The party I supported all my life until Mr Cameron-Blair tore the soul out of it.
    Nu Labour, Blu Labour....There really is no difference....Both forget they are there to represent the will of the people; Not to manage and bully them.

    We have really developed a "fine 'em" mentality in this country.....On many "Letters to the editor" pages and on many blogs, I read comments from people who seem to want everyone find for the smallest "Offence" from bin crime to "green crime" through trafic crime.
    What people fail to understand is this; When the criminal justice system is used as little more than an extension of HMRC, the justice system is weakened as people begin to hold it in contempt.

    I wonder how this insane proposal would be implemented....What would the limit be?....One may not be legally able to drive after three pints but, one can certainly walk OK after three pints....If someone was walking home and tripped over a loose paving slab, would they be fined just because they had a couple of pints earlier?.....Will nurses carry breathalysers? I suspect this policy would cost lives as people may decide not to go to hospital just in case they're fined and may die as a result of a undiagnosed serious head injury.
    This proposal is just an extension of a current policy to double charge people for services, for example; If you have a road trafic accident and you need an ambulance or the services of the fire service, you will be charged for it, even though you have already paid for it via taxation.....If you have a chimney fire and the brigade are called, if you cannot produce a certificate from an approved chimney sweep showing you have had your chimney swept during the previous twelve months, you will be charged.

    The daftest use of fines is when we have one publically funded organisation fining another publically funded organisation however, this reached its peak of daftness when the 'Elf'n'Safety executive took the Met Police to court over the shooting of the Brazillian guy; One publically funded group, prosecuting another publically funded group through a publically funded court....Who are the mugs? This must have cost us a fortune and allowed millions of tax payers pounds to be sloshing around in the system with nothing productive coming out of it.

    Nu or Blu Labour; Its a new fine everyday!!

    Enjoy ripping off the population responsibly.