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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nanny Takes Offence

Nanny Takes OffenceIt seems that Nanny takes offence very easily these days.

So what? You may ejaculate (can I say "ejaculate"?).

Well my loyal readers, just ask the unnamed IT boss who was arrested in November by police for an email sent by one of his staff to Rother District Council wrt a planning appeal by a "traveller".

The "offensive" email contained the phrase:

"It's the 'do as you likey' attitude that I am against."

"Likey" rhymes with "pikey", and the council deemed that enough to tell Hastings police. Note, the "traveller" who is bringing the planning appeal did not complain about the email.

The police duly obliged the council and arrested the unnamed man (believing it was he who sent the email), held him for 4 hours took his DNA, his fingerprints, his/his wife's computers etc. It then transpired that the hapless detainee had not sent the email, but one of his staff (Paul Osmond) did.

Despite this, according to the Mail, police will be holding the DNA of the innocent man indefinitely.

Mr Osmond was then arrested and bailed. However, he has now been told that there would be no further police action.

Time and money well spent then!

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  1. Lord of Atlantis11:11 AM

    And 'they' still claim we are not living in a police state! A pity that the police aren't so conscientious when dealing with real crime, such as burglary, mugging, vandalism etc

  2. My Lord;

    Perhaps it is an 'Elf'n'safety directive not to pursue real criminals....After all, it may be dangerous to go after a killer or mugger....Much safer to go after law abiding citizens for thought crime....Very little risk there.

  3. The thing that I feel is most worrying about the route Nanny is taking is that she deems a group that adopts a life style choice to be a race......True Romany Gypsy I accept is a race but, in general terms, modern travellers tend to be white European that live a particular lifestyle, therefore not a separate race to our country's indiginous population.....Once a traveller decides to settle on land, surely by definition, they cease to be a traveller....Do they also change "race"(sic) at this point in time too?

  4. The bit I find most worrying is that when they arrest someone but release them without charge they still keep their DNA. Also, as seems to be the case here, they even keep DNA when they arrest the wrong person.

    Also we now seem to live in a state that thinks calling someone a pikey (or even just implying it) is an arrestable offence. What the hell is that all about.

    Freedom of speech used to mean that you could say whatever you wanted no matter how crackpot. The only restriction was if you insited violence.
    The restrictions were slowly increased to include racicim, homophobia, religion, sexism, fat whaps, ect ect and now it has become so bad that you are not even allowed to say something that may "hurt feelings" without fear of arrest and detention. And if you dont manage to hurt someones feelings there is always someone else available to take offence one their behalf and still get you arrested.
    Even children get arrested in the schoolyard for "racist" comments.

    Free speach - my arse!

  5. DNA does not stop crime, it can merely help find someone that has already committed a crime.....CCTV does not prevent crime, it merely records crime that has already taken place.
    I firmly believe that both CCTV and DNA helps promote lazy policing and does nothing to prevent crime.....Coppers seldom plod the beat these days, they seem to like to sit behind a TV screen and watch crime taking place and then go and arrest the person.
    I have nothing to hide but, I resent having to continuously prove the fact....It is mky belief that a criminal DNA database should ONLY contain criminal's DNA....I can see the logic of the state keeping records of certain groups of workers on file, such as police, prison and nursing staff but even amongst these groups, I feel a good case can be made against it.

    I suspect all this data collection is part of the creation of the EUSSR but, Nanny is certainly making it easy for the one world socialists to gain control over all our lives.

  6. Speenzman1:49 PM

    What a bunch of munts

    (Rhymes with...)

    When did it become illegal to call someone a pikey anyway?

  7. Before you read everything you believe in the press, take a look at what the other side has to say.

  8. Julius Caesar2:32 PM

    Tonk. said...
    "....I firmly believe that both CCTV and DNA helps promote lazy policing and does nothing to prevent crime.....Coppers seldom plod the beat these days, they seem to like to sit behind a TV screen and watch crime taking place and then go and arrest the person."

    If they aren't too busy dealing with thought 'crime' or attending diversity courses.

  9. Bucko3:34 PM

    Thanks for the other side of the story Saabfan.
    I encourage everyone on this blog to read it. It offers no counter arguement and discribes a situation that should have had no police involvement whatsoever.

    Quote - "Sussex Police has a legal duty to promote community cohesion and tackle unlawful discrimination".

    No it doesn't. And arresting, detaining and taking DNA does not acheive any of the above anyway.