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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Nanny Bans Great Fire of London

Nanny Bans Great Fire of LondonMy sympathies to the teachers and pupils of schools such as Emmbrook Infant School and Bearwood Primary School, in Berkshire.

Over the past few years, in order to stimulate the children's interest in history, the schools have staged a mini Great Fire of London to mark the end or the regular "1666 Fire Project".

Up until recently, the fire brigade have happily sent along an engine in case of mishaps.

Unfortunately, recently the heads of the Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service (RBFRS) sent letters to headteachers in schools across the county asking them to "reconsider" the activity.

Extracts state:

"On occasion our crews are asked to attend in case something goes wrong.

This is not an appropriate use of our resources....

children may go on to explore fire and ignition items without the knowledge and guidance of their teacher or carers"

Sadly, in view of this, the mini Great Fire of London has been stopped.

I can, in theory, see what the fire brigade mean.

However, I well remember as a sprog local services such as police, ambulance and fire engines popping into schools with their vehicles et al and talking to the kids. This was part of a general education to teach us about the real world, how it functions and to bring us into contact with people who we were taught we should respect etc.

It seems to me that in these days, where ambulance crews, firecrews, police etc are pelted with bricks by certain feral elements, any opportunity to try to connect with the majority of decent kids would be welcomed by the fireservce et al.

By the way, the alternative project end is now a treasure hunt for "Samuel Pepys' cheese and wine".

I like it, but I can hear Nanny sternly admonishing the teachers that cheese is bad for you and children should not be allowed near booze.

No wonder some kids resort to being feral, they are bored out of their brains.

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  1. Tonk.2:43 PM

    Perhaps it is part of a ploy to alienate Nanny and her helpers(fire police etc) from the citizens....From what I see, if this is the case, her ploy is working perfectly.

    enjoy arson responsibly.

  2. Julius Caesar3:00 PM

    "Unfortunately, recently the heads of the Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service (RBFRS) sent letters to headteachers in schools across the county asking them to "reconsider" the activity."

    And, of course, in the free democracy we now live in, 'asked to reconsider' means 'you are ORDERED to comply....or else!

  3. Bucko3:42 PM

    Julius - You are quite right. Could the teachers say "we have reconsidered and we still want to continue as normal"? Could they fcuk.

    I have always believed that learning about fire in school with teachers and the fire brigade will deter kids from going away and comitting arson, not encourage them. The reason being, knowledge helps people understand consequenses. Lack of knowledge makes people experiment with things they dont understand. Is my belief incorrect?

  4. Is it beyond the wit of fire-fighters to use the occasion as a training exercise. It there was a fire at school atleast they would know where all the fire hydants were.

  5. Captain Haddock7:27 PM

    Why am I not in the least surprised at the total & all-encompassing fuck-wittery of our public services ?

    One only needs to read about the latest antics of Devon & Cornwall Constabulary in today's Daily Mail to see just what I mean ..

  6. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells10:03 AM

    During my schooldays the 'Elf'n'safety measures required during any interesting fire moments were a couple of the school's many fire buckets in close proximity. Not only that one of my chemistry masters was a bit of a pyromaniac and any potentially risky and/or explosive experiments were done using industrial quantities of reagents. Could be one of the reasons I grew up to be a scientist (sort of). Happy days.

  7. For my sins, I was listening to Women's Hour on the Beeb replete with the head of the HSE.

    She described a demonstration using washing up liquid and flammable substance that is very impressive - and frequently used by HSE officers.

    Shocked was I until the presenter said 'Do not try this at home'.

    Then I felt a sense of calm bubbling up through my entire body.