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Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Joys of Buckie

I see that the Strathclyde police and some bishop are blaming the good monks of Buckfast Abbey in Devon for 450 violent crimes in Scotland over the past 3 years.


It seems that the police et al are blaming these violent crimes on the drink produced by the monks called Buckfast Tonic Wine (aka "Buckie").

Buckie is around 15%, and has a caffeine content equivalent to around 16 cans of coke.

Its sounds like a splendid drink to me, much cheaper than downing a few Irish coffees at the end of a meal.

Notwithstanding its obvious tonic and restorative powers, Nanny is blaming it for causing 450 violent crimes over the last 3 years; Nanny even claims that people are using the bottles as weapons.

All well and good, but here are a few factoids to give Nanny a slap with:

1 People cause crimes, not booze. I can drink a bucket load of Irish coffees at the end of an evening, but I don't go round hitting people or "glassing" them afterwards.

2 Bottles in any shape or form can be used to "glass" people with. Why not ban glass altogether?

3 The monks do not force feed the scrotes who drink this stuff who them go on to commit violent crimes.

4 Ban Buckie, and the scrotes will start using toilet cleaner or something else. The issue is not the drink, but the scrotes themselves.

5 The same effect can be had by downing a few vodkas and cans of Red Bull, doubtless that will be next on the banning list if Buckie goes.

My advice is to stock up on your Buckies now, lest Nanny tries to ban it.

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  1. Bucko9:55 AM

    You could also blame Three times World Champion, Four times UK Champion, Four times Masters Champion, 2004 Grand Prix Champion
    Ronnie O'Sullivan for all the snooker cue related beatings.

  2. We do seem to have developed a "Ban it" culture is this former great nation of ours.

    Ken, you are spot on; Drink is not the problem, the people are.
    Nanny Labour have brought in a raft of bans and new laws to deal with the problems, most of which are of Nanny Labour's own making, what she has failed to do is address the fundamental problems, namely lack of discipline and too many do-gooders making excuses for the chavs to justify their bad behaviour.....Part of the problem, as see it, is that we now have a second generation of kids that have never been told no nor have had any form of discipline to show them where the boundaries actually are....Kids need boundaries when growing up and consequenses should they go beyond those boundaries.

    As usual though with crazy Labour Nanny, everyone will suffer for the sake of the few.....Message to Nanny; Enforce existing laws in relation to drunken behaviour and violence then the problem would dissappear. Arggghhh I'll have to stop now I've fallen off my soap box!! Oh if only I had done a risk assessment before climbing on;-)

    Enjoy Buckie responsibly.

  3. Things would never have got to this sorry pass if the wheel hadn't been invented.

  4. Julius Caesar3:05 PM

    Yes, the real problem is that people can't or won't take responsibility for their own actions, thanks to all the bleeding heart, liberal do-gooders, police who only seem interested in petty matters, and a judiciary who seem to go out of their way to avoid handing down anything resembling tough sentences.

  5. Thanks for the video. I picked up several useful tips for my morning shopping.